Post-operative heart care made affordable by REHABO

Rehabo tech team

13 August 2019, Vadodara, REHABO TECH:

  • 8 million Indians out of a population of 1.2 billion suffering from heart stroke every year
  • Post-operative physiotherapy crucial for the patient to recoup
  • Number of registered physiotherapy clinics are very less
  • Process is monotonous, prolongs recovery time
  • REHABO’s solution is rehabilitation of stroke patients by a game that can aid the process of physiotherapy

India is a nation with Billion plus population that needs adequate medical care, unfortunately that is where we are lacking. This is a challenge that has ample opportunities for innovators to work in these areas.

“As per the World Health Organization (WHO), with a population of 1.295 billion and still growing, public health expenditure sums to 30%, which includes expenditure on curative as well as preventive services, among others.” Of which nearly 1.8 million suffer from heart diseases.

Adequate specialised surgeons are a cause of concern and further necessary care takers like physiotherapists are on demand. Again as per a survey “A stroke rehabilitation package of care that starts in hospital and continues at home by the physiotherapist is mandatory, to give home-based rehabilitation after stroke.”

However is this practically possible in this vast country where rural areas are too distant to super speciality medical services? Even if available how modern are the equipment is another billion dollar question.

The solution to this complicated medical challenge has been offered by Vadodara Based Venture named as Rehabo Technologies. This “GTU Innovation & Startup Center – Vadodara” incubated StartUp has ‘developed a product that aims for rehabilitation of stroke patients by a game that can aid the process of physiotherapy.

By understanding how the physical movements of a heart stroke victim differ to a non-victim, they’ve built an application for motion sensor device that can record a body movement twice, and compare each action.’

Incidentally the coveted Dewang Mehta IT Award for Year 2019-20 was conferred on this young StartUp, the brainchild of five engineering grads, Vedant Jain (Age-22), Tanmay Vakhare (Age-22), Apurva Desai (Age-22), Kshitij Verma (Age-22), Vraj Patel (Age-22) of Gujarat Technological University from Vadodara, Gujarat.

They have together ‘created a fun game to differ from regular physiotherapy and provide positive feedback for motivational purposes. It simulates physiotherapy in a heart stroke rehabilitation situation using the motion sensor and game.’

02 Rehabo TechRehabo Technologies ‘developed a system that detects and evaluates physical therapy exercises using motion sensors. They’ve proposed algorithm with the help of Artificial intelligence detects all the occurrences of one or more template signals (Repetitive exercises).’

Rehabo ‘system plays a vital role in providing proper monitoring to the patients by giving them the required attention, environment and facilitating them with the individual care. Moreover, the system helps in boosting the recovery time by detecting the exact area of problem and providing the accurate exercises and the number of repetitions needed. This helps in reaching out to patients in remote areas and regions where physiotherapy is not accessible.’

Rehabo Technologies have a ‘cost effective and most reliable solution. The system is provided on rental basis to patients so that it is easily accessible and thus makes it cost effective. Furthermore, the managerial capability of the physiotherapists increases as they can monitor the progress of more patients at a time.’

Rehabo Technologies inculcates a feature of data storage which allows the patients to self-assess themselves. Moreover, the Reports generated by the system can be accessed by physiotherapists remotely and the progress of the patients is tracked effectively even though both are a thousand miles, apart.’

In a nutshell,’ Rehabo Technologies have come up with a revolutionary technique to aid the physiotherapy patients to achieve their optimal strength and to recover fast, cheaper and better manner with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

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