FLYTTA revolutionizes relocation process


10 August 2019, Hyderabad, FLYTTA:

  1. Relocation specialists
  2. Tech driven platform
  3. Goods handled with care
  4. Packing, picking and unpacking
  5. No worries relocation

Planning to shift your residence, OmG! The very thought is painful, remembering the various hassles that ensue to move from one location to another. This is even worse for professionals for whom transfers are unavoidable.

However FLYTTA offers a unique solution that helps you move places with ease. The ‘World’s First Technology driven moving company providing access to the moving needs of every professional and enterprises.’

The company established in 2016, went under rigorous development process to give their best solution. Barely in operation since two years, FLYTTA has helped over 2500+ professionals from 27 MNC’s to go on a hassle free relocation process. Their uniqueness includes cost efficiency, almost zero damages, round the clock support, live tracking and on time all the time.

FLYTTA is incubated at NASSCOM’s 10,000 StartUps, Hyderabad.  FLYTTA is founded by Rahul Kanuganti and Gokulavasan Murali. The team is working on providing next generation moving experience to clients.

In a candid chat with Way2World, Rahul Kanuganti briefed that once the clients share the move details, FLYTTA team sets into action to give a tension free relocation schedule. The crew takes care of specialised packing with high grade material to ensure zero damage transportation and reaches the destination at the scheduled time to make things easy for the client.  All through the client can stay relaxed while tracking the vehicular movement on their mobiles.

How do you rate the future of the relocation segment?

Employee relocation comes to the fore in the future of talent capture. This is the very transformation that the Indian industry is set to face.

How does FLYTTA solve this problem?  

FLYTTA makes use of technology, existing supply chain, and other value-added services, which includes location discovery, house rentals, and settling-in assistance. The StartUp works with moving partners to organise themselves with tech and help HR of companies to smoothen employee transfer and hiring from other towns.

Why was the company silent for almost two years since inception?

Between 2016 and 2018, the company developed a full-stack model with access to services providers and put standard operating procedures in place with B2B as a focus with an enterprise tool.

The sector is much unorganised, will the service providers handle your tech driven solution?

Our core business is moving. However, our technology platform enables more than moving by plugging in trained service partners horizontally. Highly modular and self-explanatory, even service partners with no knowledge can adapt quickly to the app flow. Nevertheless, we still hold orientation sessions and measure performance.

How do you foresee FLYTTA in the near future?

In the next 18 months, the company is planning to complete 10,000 moves and add cross border moves for its existing clients.

Wow great! Rahul, what’s your advice to upcoming founders?

Keep walking. Prepare to face anything. Find a mentor who can nurture you to be a leader Never shun innovation and feedback Choose your team wisely.

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