Two engineering college students set out to roll a startup with futiristic vision without investing a single penny and take a promise to shelf their project if they are unable to raise external funds.

Very interesting story that follows is the birth of VICARA, a Bengaluru based startup, supported and encouraged by STARTUPS CLUB.

The events that led to the culmination of a renowned startup not only spesk of technology advancement but also encourage the emerging startups to scale up with conviction.

That is how VICARA took birth on the VIT campus in Tamilnadu. ADARSH WARRIER and ABHISHEK SATISH are the co-founders of VICARA and are ready with their maiden product, KAI.

The founders claim, “VICARA is a human augmentation startup working to make disruptive wearable technology that can enhance and augment the capability of humans to work with their real and digital surroundings.

Our first product is KAI – The world’s first gesture-based workflow automation device. It enables professionals to seamlessly interact with their digital environment. The KAI harnesses natural body language and drastically enhances productivity by creating a truly revolutionary gesture-based computer interaction experience.

The uniqueness of the solution is dual fold. On the hardware side, the unique non-obtrusive finger-tracking algorithm enables the device to accurately measure the position of the fingers as well as the hand without the use of intensive image processing.

On the software side, the KAI provides complete customizability from within its application. The differentiated algorithm enables KAI to be compatible with ANY desktop app from the get go.”

Recently the company went for crowdfunding from INDIEGOGO, received approximately 37 K USD in just ten days of announcement, and is rapidly moving towrads the 40 K mark.

Crowdfunding helps startups in two ways gets funds and gets the idea assessed by the contributors who assure to buy the products by paying money in advance.

The other advantage is that for every 100 visits only 3-5 take action, but the rest of them know all the details about the products, great branding solution globally.

In a special chat with WAY2WORLD, ADARSH wished to thank Shri MAHESH BALLA, Funding head of STARTUPS CLUB, for his trust in VICARA that encouraged them to scale up to the present stage.

Way2World is confident that VICARA is to release more such tech-geeky products that are sure to astonish the world. VICARA is sure to be one among the must watch startups, globally in 2019. With inputs from Internet -RajKishan