BUSINESS KI AWAZ offers SPL features to South India

Business ka awaaz

06 August 2019, Delhi, Personal Branding:

  • How important is Personal Branding
  • Mukesh – Reliance – Jio – what is most famous
  • Khans, Kapoors – production houses – Films – where is the craze in Bollywood
  • How do you build the craze around yourself
  • Do investors consider Personal Branding

The good news is that personal branding initiative of SOBERBIO CONSULTING is now available to founders from South India as well through WAY2WORLD. For more details call: 7396446227.

The need for personal branding is imminent, recently while I was mentoring a StartUp in a tier two city, the following incident happened emphasising the need. This StartUp was into manufacturing a multi accessible cloud storage device that is very unique with hybrid features.

Yet there were not many takers as the users wanted to know the genuineness of the innovator to store high precision data. This was where we pitched in the need for personal branding.  

SOBERBIO CONSULTING is producing “BUSINESS KI AWAAZ- NAYE BHARAT KE LIYE”. A focused Panel / Nested discussion and Innovation demonstration focused on your Success Story, Business Vision, Challenges and Best Practices induced. This is a perfect personal branding platform to showcase to the world.

The Co-founder, Dr Hitu Mahajan narrated,  ‘We are producing a TV show which is a panel / nested discussion & Innovation demonstration focused on Business Scenario today, Challenges and Solution for tomorrow. It will be chaired by Business Czars, Business Leader’s, Influencers, Legal Consultants, Financial Consultants, Policy Makers and Change Agents.

It will be an hour show and televised on TV, Social Media & Latest OTT Digital Channels  namely Janta TV, OTT – Jio TV, Janta TV app, Dailyhunt App, nexGtv app, Social Media- Facebook, Instagram, twitter and YouTube with some astonishing collective reach of program to 200 Million + impressions in more than 140 countries !!!!

SOBERBIO CONSULTING specializes in, ‘Business Modelling for StartUps and Matured Organizations, Cost Structure Modelling, Identification of Revenue Streams & Modelling.’ Their strengths include a specialized Team from varied domains ranging from Strategy, Business Leadership, Finance, Sales, Consulting, HR, Technology, Legal, Media and Operations.

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