06 August 2019, from the editorial:  Indian Ecosystem has lost a stalwart, Veerappa Gangaiah Siddhartha Hegde, the founder of the cafe chain Café Coffee Day. He was a director on various prestigious boards like Mindtree, GTV, Liqwid Krystal, Way2wealth Brokers, Coffee Day Natural Resources, and Way2wealth Securities. This brave heart lost its cool and was found dead on the banks of the NETRAVATI River. RIP VG SIDDHARTHA!

Whatever be the reason he neither had the courage like the Modi’s or the Mallaya’s ….nor had he the intelligence to shut shop and stay anonymous like many founders who felt the heat of the investors.

Revered soul wanted to be answerable to all people who had bestowed faith in him and that made him uncompromising…..

Discussing on what we have learnt from his death is an ongoing debate across media…… its time to mourn and learn. Yet take a firm stand to stay confident working 360 to rise like a ball when thrust in water.

Because he left, for us to understand the vagaries that await fully grown entities. Beware and tread cautiously to avoid deep ravines that lead you into quick sand like situations.

Our way of maintaining a two minute silence honoring the doyen…..

He walked all his life to scale newer peaks…..

In the last leg of his journey he walked for his soul to rest in peace

Leaving behind a legacy to wonder…

And many questions for founders to ponder…..

Yet every day we remember him as we sip the morning brew….

of this man who reminded us of flaws in the system that grew…

Long live Siddhartha you are an unsung hero

Who just forgot for a moment that you started from zero…

And you could always rework the Midas touch…

If at all you cared to look back sitting on your couch…

Salute you sir for your accomplishments…

But feel remorse for your life that ended in nonfulfillment

A million questions….only you can solve the riddle

But where do we catch up to solve this big jigsaw puzzle

Good bye dear friend,  a legendary

May your soul be ever happy with Almighty!

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Tribute from Way2World – RajKishan