Zero Waste Lifestyle 2020 – curriculum changes perception of living

02092020 Bengaluru EvXperts:



  • Do you wish to adapt a zero waste life style
  • What are the emerging opportunities in waste management
  • How Eco products will change our lifestyle
  • How to maximize wealth using technology
  • Would you like to give back to nature, to make this place worth living!

One answer to all the above questions is joining the Zero Waste Lifestyle 2020 online course conducted by the renowned EvXperts Foundation, Bengaluru. Eight eminent speakers from various domains who have excelled in maintaining a balanced lifestyle by emphasizing on Zero Waste regime, will enlighten the participants.

The registration link: https://imjo.in/uzUGfg

For students: https://imjo.in/WWHH7n 

If you are interested on opportunities in Waste Management Technology and are keen to interact with business owners from the sector, please register using the links shared. Only few seats are left and it is served on first come first basis.

If you have any queries, please reach out to Mrs. Nidhi (7876301524)

Ever since the pandemic broke out, people have been keen on looking back to natural ways of living like being pollution free, eating immunity boosting foods, exercising and understanding human values better. The overall U-turn taken is for good and only Corona Virus (COVID-19) could bring this dynamic change to human across the globe.

The Zero Waste Lifestyle 2020 online course will be a good choice to invest time and rub shoulders with experts. In addition to guide every participant on the vast opportunities available in the domain.

‘The EvXprts Foundation is a not-for-profit organization on a mission” to bridge the industry-academic gap” through training and skill development. EvXprts brings in a major change in pedagogy with major focus on digital learning and technology-enabled learning to create the future-ready engineers.’

In the wake of the pandemic, EvXprts Foundation have harnessed the virtual media to enhance ‘Learning from a digital platform using any gadget, e–Learning, any time-anyplace-at your pace, Training by experienced industry personnel with no Geographical boundary, Blended Learning System.’ This approach by the non-profit organisation has yielded rich results benefiting many across the nation.

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