Join Amplethon for coding on Independence Day!

04082020 Bengaluru, SOLWORX:


  • Are you a student with interest in coding
  • Are you an entrepreneur unable to get expensive Coding done
  • Are you planning to learn coding to develop apps
  • Want to try your hand at coding
  • Is Coding beyond your capabilities and aspire for them

Get registered on the AMPLETHON 2020 conducted by Bangalore based and  start a lucrative career in coding.  No coding knowledge, no experience only a strong desire to code is required and readiness to get mentored by experts.

Amplethon is a hackathon conducted for the NoCode or LowCode developers to encourage the citizen development.

Amplethon = Ample + Hackathon

App Making in Profit Line Engagement (AMPLE) is an app making service or solution built on top of Appsheet NoCode platform and Hackathon is the open challenge for enthusiasts to build or develop apps for the set problems.

The enthusiasts shall be trained in Appsheet one week prior to the event for getting eligibility to participate in the Amplethon.

We are trying this first time here in Bangalore and the timing of the hackathon is sudden to connect with the spirit of “Freedom from Coding” on 15th August 2020, (utilising NoCode technology,) in view of our independence day and to encourage NoCode enthusiasts.

Event details:

Date: 15th Aug 2020
Time: 3 pm to 5 pm – 2 hours
Status: Online Zoom Meeting

Problem: Shall be given On the Day before
Solution: The Web Link or Install App Link to be shared for evaluation
Participation Criteria:
(1) Participants to register with their gmail to Appsheet platform and
(2) Participants to undergo the Appsheet training with SOLWORXS on or before 10th Aug2020 to participate in the event.
Three prizes for the winners and listed below
1st Price – Laptop
2nd Prize – Tablet
3rd Prize – Smart Phone
AmpleNet is a network of trained professionals is inviting applications from interested candidates for training and internship on NoCode Application Development. The mission of the experts is to provide innovative and economical applications for Greenfield and Brownfield solutions.

This is a Value-adding opportunity for freshers and enthusiasts. NoCode Application Development allows non-techies to create apps utilising graphic interfaces and configurations and not the regular language based coding.

Forget the complicated computer programming to write pages of codes to get an app. No prior coding skills are needed.’

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