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Stalwarts across have been contemplating over the education curriculum prevailing in the country. We have been producing many engineers year after year but only a few succeed.

The ratio between the pass outs and successful is very negligible. What could be the reason… is the industry readiness not being offered, at the university levels. While a few are organizing such programs and enhancing the qualities of their students, most of them just ignore.

Education is very much important, but knowledge and skill set surpass the former in the race to succeed. This nation of billions with large number of engineering graduates, the focus on enhancing the skill set and making them, industry worth is the need of the hour.

This is achievable only when the intelligentsia imparts training to the student fraternity through boot camps and workshops.

To address the issue MERAJ FAHEEM in 2010 March founded THE HACKING SCHOOL, which utilizes BOOTCAMPS styled programs with in-demand curriculum to produce highly skilled and employable talent.

This is the right place where dreams can be realized with a special emphasis on programming. THE HACKING SCHOOL grooms founders and delivers industry ready entrepreneurs. MERAJ FAHEEM has built first and finest coding BOOTCAMPS, that encourages many aspiring students to achieve their dreams.

Video Courtesy: Meraj Faheem

‘He is a natural, hardcore, curious entrepreneur and is strong in planning end-to-end growth and GTM strategies using organic, paid and technical solutions backed by data and analytics. Executing these strategies to achieve exponential growth and ROI, for the startups that are mentored at the institution.’

The designed camps do not just emphasize on coding but also looks into building products. They train graduates as per industry standards and make them ‘most wanted in the industry.’ The curriculum develops best coders as per industry needs and entrepreneurs emerge out with innovate methodology.

Concisely, THE HACKING SCHOOL offers international curriculum, best internships with multiple locations presence. The BOOTCAMPS are a source to garner scholarships, sponsorships and easy funding options for the participants. The organization with head quarters at Hyderabad has branches at Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi.

Way2world wishes MERAJ FAHEEM, a serial entrepreneur and novel educationalist, all the very best for changing the EDUTECH scenario, in the country, with his innovate methodology. With inputs from internet – RajKishan