Are you unable to fulfill a vow to God

Are you unable to travel to the place of worship

Do you want the blessings from a particular temple

Do you want to perform a ritual at a particular place of worhsip

Do you want to do pooja on the suspicious days of your life….

Human’s strength is God and weakness is religion. Because when we think of God, we are at peace and seek the blessings always. We go all out to impress the divine being with our prayers, fasting and good deeds.

There are many instances when we are travelling and some news worries us, and at the same time, we come across a place of worship. Here unknowingly we vow to perform a special ritual if the worry is solved. Incidentally, that happens and we become happy. However going to the place to fulfill the vow becomes a distant dream and this haunts us.

In other cases the people who go out for jobs in distant lands vow at their local places and are unable to fulfill till they come back, this leaves a feeling of dissatisfaction till it is done.

For all such God loving people of any faith and any place of worship, POWAHA INFOTECH PVT LTD has a solution at hand.  This Hubli (Karnataka) based startup, established in Nov 2017,  has a bright future feel analysts due to its novel strategy of quenching the devotional thirsts of many.

“POWAHA provides a fundamentally better way for devotees to virtually experience the place of worship. Most devotees visit many websites on the web to find the place of worship they want. POWAHA service allows devotees to search for the place of worship they want across several locations at the same time on a single platform (web and mobile).

Through their devotee services, ‘one can remotely perform religious rituals online and get the blessing / prasad to their registered address. You have prayed for a blessing and its fulfilled, make donations online to the desired place of worship.’

The service is available for Sri Gayatri Tapobhoomi Ashram (Tadas – Karnataka), Shri Krishnendra Guru Utsav Samstha (Hubballi – Karnataka), Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Temple (Jammu), Tuljabhavani Temple (Hubballi – Karnataka), Haripad SreeSubrahmanya Swamy temple (Kerala), Mangueshi Temple (GOA) and more to come.

SIDDU SANGOLLI, CEO, an engineer equipped with MBA marketing, claims, ‘POWAHA – Our new venture to be the next unicorn of 2018. He mentors startups of various domains and helps them in creating viable solutions, marketing and financial planning.

POWAHA is a solution that has a longer tenure of success as trust in God is a phenomenon that shall remain inherent till the universe exists. Way2world admires this novel initiative. With inputs from internet- RajKishan