Indian stats at a glance:

1,342,512,706 people

7,935 towns, 497 cities, 6,49,481 villages

Approximately 90 million tons of municipal solid waste per year

Of which, waste collected is estimated as 43 million tons

11.9 MT is treated, and 31 MT is dumped

Government of INDIA is spending approx Rs. 998 crores annually on Waste Management…yet there is a wide gap….How alarming the equation is……….

The problem of waste management is massive with majority being dumped in vacant land out of the city limits. This dump yard attracts all sorts of germs that in turn spread diseases to people living in the adjoining areas. A report# states, “about 90% of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is disposed of unscientifically in open dumps and landfills, creating problems to public health and the environment.”

The same report adds, “With increasing urbanization and changing life styles, Indian cities now generate eight times more MSW than they did in 1947. Presently, about 90 million t of solid waste are generated annually as byproducts of industrial, mining, municipal, agricultural and other processes.”

Urbanization has had its toll on solid waste generation, and management of the waste has been dwindling across metros.

Some people have a penchant to address issues with grit and perseverance and today’s story is about an young lady who was perturbed with the pathetic state of people living around these waste dumpyards. NIVEDHA RM along with SAURABH JAIN  formed a social enterprise TRASHCON WASTE MANAGEMENT, to address this issue.

This Bangalore based startup founded in 2017, manufactures MSW segregator machines that can segregate mixed waste into biodegradable and non-biodegradable components. The segregated waste is processed further and thus obtained are made into valuable items.

This unique product is awaiting patent and would be the best sought after by cities across the nation. The management claims, ‘we work closely with the municipal corporations and the government. We comprise of a vibrant team of professionals, research students, industrialists and a very strong advisory board.’ The machines have an optimum efficiency of 98%.

NIVEDHA an engineering student was always a social entrepreneur by being a part of many social initiatives. However, through TRASHCON WASTE MANAGEMENT, her thrust as an entrepreneur with social awareness is eminent.

Video Cortesy: Telecom Drive

The endeavor got embedded in her mind, as she observed the dumping yards on her way back home from college. Moved by the mounting problem the young engineer decided to do her best to address the pain point faced by the society.

Joining hands with like-minded SAURABH JAIN, a Chartered Accountant, NIVEDHA founded the venture. The MSW segregators are now available in four variants 10T, 5T, 2T and 0.5T per day, ideal for both domestic and commercial establishments.

NIVEDHA has won many laurels for this noble initiative. Her success saga is inspirational to aspirers, who wish to think out-of-the-box in addressing pain points of the society around us. Israel Embassy has recognized TRASHCON as the top 5 startups across India, the most prestigious milestone.

In addition, the WORLD SCHOOL OF DESIGN & UNDP recognized TRASHCON, as one among the top 10 startups. Sky is the limit for the right-minded innovations, announces NIVEDHA’s story.

Way2world admires this social entrepreneur for scaling heights with her novelty and environment consciousness. Today she is the role model for many who live across the nation. With inputs from internet – RajKishan

# Researchgate publication no 6394075 ‘Municipal solid waste management in Indian cities A review’