Branding and protecting the branding are essential two aspects each entrepreneur must adhere to reap success, from day one. Intellectual property (patents, trademarks, industrial designs, copyright) arms the startup to remain unique while enhancing the value of the brand.

IP plays a vital role in giving credence to the innovator while encouraging them to move to the next level in entrepreneurship.

This year’s theme of the world IP day is “POWERING CHANGE: WOMEN IN INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY.” Globally the campaign is designed to celebrate the ingenuity, intelligence, innovativeness and daringness of enterprising women entrepreneurs who strive hard to create a niche in shaping the future of humanity with their novelty.

“On the eve of World Intellectual Property Day, The National Institute for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (NI-MSME), organized an event to promote discussions on the role of intellectual property in encouraging innovation and creativity.

NI-MSME through its intellectual Property Facilitation Center (IPFC) for MSMEs organized a one-day workshop on “CHOOSING AND PROTECTING BRAND THROUGH TRADEMARKS” on 26 April 2018 at the Hyderabad campus.

State Bank of Hyderabad sponsored the workshop. Thirty plus participants including prospective and existing entrepreneurs attended and gained immense knowledge on the subject. 

The event started with a Welcome address by V. Swapna, Programme Director, who highlighted the importance of the IP day, and explained the Workshop-objectives.

The workshop helped the startups and MSMEs to choose a strong brand that helps in brand building of their products.

It discussed about the steps to be necessitated for protecting the brand, both in India and internationally. It also focused on how to enforce their trademark.

Dr. Sanjeev Chathurvedi, Director NI-MSME highlighted about the importance of IP rights for the innovative entrepreneurs and advised the participants to adopt trademark strategies to succeed in competitive world.

Dr. Dibyendhu Choudhury, Faculty member, proposed the vote of thanks”

Way2World thanks NI-MSME in helping the MSME sector to identify the right path to success. Their continuous efforts in fostering and nurturing entrepreneurship in the nation are laudable. With inputs from internet and Ms V Swapna, Programme Director, NI-MSME – RajKishan

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