VIMAAN focused on women empowerment thro’ entrepreneurship!

12032020 Bengaluru, VIMAAN:

  • 10% increase female to male ration in manager will increase GDP per capita by 2%
  • 10% increase female to male ration in overall HR will increase GDP per capita by 8%
  • Globally People in Poverty is around 1.2 billion of which 0.84 are women
  • Empowering would increase Job Equality and entrepreneurship
  • Vision to empower 5K women spread across Karnataka

VIMAAN 01The Stats about the levels of women, globally, is much bigger problem than any other adversity affecting mankind. Huge resource of women is underutilised. By empowering the ‘Stree Shakthi’, would improve their living standards and most importantly glorify their lives. This could be only optimized through liberation and upskilling.

VIMAAN is a non-profit individual entity, working in this area for empowering women through upskilling and entrepreneurship, in Karnataka. The organisation is run by PRASAD SN, a Management Professional having over 11 years of experience in Product Management, Marketing, Strategy planning, Project Management, Channel Management, Business Analysis, Market Research, Sourcing & Vendor Management, Channel Sales and Supply Chain management.

Bootstrapping VIMAAN activities, PRASAD conducts frequent training programs to women that give them better jobs and help them turn entrepreneurs. He aligns with like-minded individuals to make the training agnostic.

VIMAAN envisions empowering 5000 women spread across 8 states having two centers per district equipped with training the trainer programs to create the DOMINOs effect of fast replication.

Training include upskilling, business counselling, building entrepreneurship, financial planning and personality development. All these modules are to instil the needed confidence and encouragement to achieve their dreams.

VIMAAN wishes to tie-up with B-School alumni and encourage them to be a part of this initiative to give a wider scope to trainings. In addition they wish to address issues like domestic violence, rape, female foeticide, child labour and education for all.

Team EvXpertsMeeting people is a visual treat it empowers us with newer experiences and adds a new angle of human psychology. However my encounters with every individual in day-to-day life have been envisioned as a story or many call it ‘case study.’

Most people have taught me about latest advancements in tech domains, innovations, ideations, strategies and endless knowledge through their real time experiences. Of them many have left and everlasting impression and PRASAD was one of the pioneers among them. Way2World wishes him a grand success in his endeavor and may many benefit from his initiatives.

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