Novel CoronaVirus of StartUp Ecosystem

14032020 India, COVID 19:

  • Leave – CCynicism (Doubtful)
  • Believe in – OOmniPotent
  • Take regularly –VVitamin-C
  • Develop tough – IImmunity
  • Follow disciplined –DDiet (food habits)

COVID 19Globally the scales are tilting at all levels due to the fear (of all) and impact (on a very few) arising from Novel Corona Virus or COVID 19. Governments are playing a crucial role in identifying a solution for this epidemic that has dropped like a biological missile on this world.

However many say diet with adequate quantities of Vitamin C, usage of Turmeric, cloves, pepper, hot water menu gets one immune to Novel Corona Virus. Few more say being in sunlight and washing hands regularly while covering the face when in crowds, safeguards from getting affected.

Also some more say by increasing body Alkalinity levels and ensuring normal body temperature helps in the battle. Summarizing, only belief system and positivism plays a crucial role in fighting this epidemic. The Helpline Number for novel corona-virus in India: +91-11-23978046.

CoronaVirus antidoteThe Novel Corona Virus of StartUp Ecosystem is of course the “Fear of Failure (ATYCHIPHOBIA).” Though mentors believe that there is no failure for StartUps, either they succeed or learn.  At times failure could result in huge financial losses. Such situations demoralize the founders and the wannafounders too, resulting in psychological chaos.

Our simple 3E theory of Explore, Empower and Enterprise would act as an antidote in every situation. Most ideators try to search for investors for their MVP. However they should do thorough market analysis before even thinking about the development.

Initially Exploring the idea on all parameters like idea validation, market validation and product market fit validation. Based on the output gained then think of the infrastructure components required to execute the project.

Empowering the idea with the right team members is another vital statistics for a successful entity. The team members must be cohesive and dedicated. They must share the vision and hold healthy arguments before taking a strong decision this eliminates hierarchy illusions among the team members. In a way this system would totally cut the attrition levels.

The last step before going at top accelerations is thinking about the modalities of the Enterprise.  Founders must realize the importance of compliance and take help from professionals who would guide them on the various legal framework to run the entity successfully.

By following the pragmatic approach success is atleast insured by the team’s ethical practices. This is just one of the ways to ensure a smooth transition from an idea to an entity. So kill the Novel Corona Virus before it reaches you…..

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