Failed 47 times, created organic fertilizer machine – Inspiring saga of GVP Students

11032020 Vishakhapatnam, MARS INNO:

  • Automated Fertilizer box
  • Organic, low cost high returns farming
  • Labour costs reduced by 85%
  • Stay healthy and yield healthy with GROWHITHA
  • Studentpreneurs bring pride to The Gayatri Vidya Parishad College of Engineering

GROWHITHA 01Enthusiastic student groups if apply their smart skills towards creativity will definitely add value to the national economy. Indian agrarian economy needs a major booster to revive the age-old methodology with modern techniques that yield better and healthier produce.

Working towards this problem Mahesh Bharatula, Bharghavi Kamakshi and Ananth Vedantham have created a sustainable model of organic farming through their initiative, GROWHITHA. These students from Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, have made immense efforts and created a platform to reform the agricultural domain with modern, low cost technology that yields better and is farmer friendly.

The strengths of this team is after analyzing their problem statement they failed 47 times yet to give the best output on their 48th attempt. They are a perfect example of determination, perseverance on a mission. Precisely they learnt forty seven times how not to do and finally came out with an amazing product on their forty eighth trial. KUDOS!!! a lesson to be learnt…..

02 GROWHITHAThe final product had been made from a used washing machine which was programmed in such a way to yield natural fertilizer and pesticide. Apart from this they have 8 other products for the agri sector, however this one is the most sought after.

The founders claim, “We invented an automated machinery tool which can prepare 7 kinds of Natural fertilizers & pesticides with a single click. So the labour costs incurring for Manure preparation will reduces upto 85%.Farmer efforts will be preserved.

Farmers can just start with healthy & Eco friendly Natural farming method with our tool Named GROWHITHA. We were carrying the work from past 41 months. We were rejected for 47 times. Right now we are with a completely customized version with farmer friendly user interface. We have patented our product.”

GROWHITHA 03Adding, “The inputs of the machine are completely based on the selected manure to prepare. Usually cow dung, cow urine, basin powder, jaggery, mitti etc which the method and composition is based on the theory proposed by Dr. Subhash Palekar, who is India’s chief agricultural adviser now.”

With mighty recognitions behind like awarded with Gold medal from Sri Lankan Government, to being incubated at IB HUBS, GROWHITHA is going places.

04 GROWHITHAThe team works with many neighbouring institutions through campus ambassadors to help young ideating brains working in this sector and lets them achieve their dreams through their entrepreneurship expertise.

GROWHITHA is a revolution of the students for the betterment of the agrarian domain. May more such initiatives find light, enhancing the living standards of the largest community called farmers, because in their health the nation’s prosperity exists.

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