“If you are a Rajasthan based startup looking for funding, you can send your pitch deck to devangraja2001@gmail.com. The startup needs to generate employment with a scalable model.”

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Rajasthan, the ‘land of the kings’ reminds us of the pomp and grandeur days of the Indian history. The aristocratic culture of the state is evident in its startup ecosystem, fostered by the government, with unique initiatives. The largest state in the country holds nearly 10% of land area of India’s total land.

VENTURE WOLF, YOUR TRUSUTED PARTNER IN EARLYSTAGE BUSINESS is a Mumbai based investment bank for startups. The organisation is eyeing to nurture the startup ecosystem of Rajasthan with multiple investment proposals for regional startups. Headed by DEVANG RAJA, a hardcore financial whiz and a serial entrepreneur, VENTURE WOLF, is planning big-time products for the startups in the state.

VENTURE WOLF has a pack of hardcore professionals who are part of the startup ecosystem since years and have been advocating for vibrant ecology that encourages entrepreneurship among the youth across the nation.

WHY RAJASTHAN: On the issue, DEVANG RAJA had a clear vision, ‘the state has an energetic base of educated youth power and the budgets are very convenient to achieve breakevens faster.’

He added, ‘Rajasthan has 9 universities and nearly 250 colleges of which 41 are engineering colleges churning out approximately 11500 engineers annually. However, each of its major cities thrives on excellence of its own.’

On a general note, Jaipur the capital has a very conducive startup ecology with many innovate startups taking initiations from the city. The tier two city can boast of being the home of many out-of-the-box thinkers like Ecommerce platform FABRICORE, B2B company RAZORPAY, CARDEKHO, HOTEL DEKHO to name a few top brands in the national scenario. However, RAZORPAY shifted to BENGALURU for better prospects. On other hand, VOYLLA an ecommerce platform shifted its base to the city due to its encouraging environment.

Another important city is Jodhpur, home to many advanced educational institutes like IIT, NIFT, AIIMS, MBM, SPPU, NLU, etc. On the other hand Kota, the coaching capital of India produces the maximum number of IIT entrants in the country. Udaipur is also catching up on the startup ecology radar by providing the biggest startup incubation hub with state of art facilities.

Initially known for its tourism and hospitality, the state has grown by leaps and bounds since 2015 with  shift in focus towards tech driven economy. The proposition looks viable because of the geographical position of the state, which is an advantage because of its proximity to flourishing states like Gujarat, Haryana, UP and MP. Compared to the adjacent states the operational expenses are very low and living conditions better due to its historical values.

Rajasthan is famous for its arts, crafts, spices and Ayurveda. Many traditional setups still exist in these thrust areas. However, with the GENNEXT taking the reins on, these enterprises are reinventing for wider brand equity. Approximately 750 startups have sprung up in the state in the last three years, which is a positive sign.

Better ecosystem in turn develops more startups, which yields better economy in addition to ample jobs and better infrastructure development.

With so much positivity in the state, the visionary team of VENTURE WOLF is concentrating its  synnergies in working closely with startups based out of Rajasthan.

DEVANG RAJA made an official announcement, “If you are a Rajasthan based startup looking for funding, you can send your pitch deck to devangraja2001@gmail.com. The startup needs to generate employment with a scalable model.”

WAY2WORLD wishes more such teams should identify areas of interests and concentrate their resources to enhance the overall ecosystem. With inputs from internet and telecon with VENTURE WOLF – RajKishan