Born as the Indus valley civilization, INDIA is well placed geographically with abundant sunshine and rainfall. Despite knowing our strengths, utilizing them to the core has been on a sidetrack. Solar power generation must be our top priority and rainwater harvesting must be most important agenda.

While we are cruising towards attaining developed status globally, we need to concentrate more on means to harness our resources. Technology developed on these lines will give us a positive edge over the rest universally.

Innovate couple Samit Choksi and Priya Vakil have kept their minds open to such solutions while designing their commercially viable product ULTA CHAATA (1080). An ideal product for organic living. Their start up ‘THINKPHI’ started in 2015 has designed a sustainable engineering marvel that not only purifies rainwater but also creates energy from solar rays.

In simple terms, this inverted umbrella shaped structure could be a point of attraction to the onlookers when erected. The real utility is on the upper part that is decked up with solar cells that collect sunlight and convert them into solar energy with a maximum capacity of 1.5KW.

In addition, the inverted canopy model can collect up to 85000L of rainwater and convert them into potable water. The most important accessory to this equipment is the ‘Phi-Box’, with an inbuilt smart algorithm that is multi functional.

The Phi-box designed to control a series of clusters, while its sensors collect data from the environment and through an app advise the maintenance team. The product has wide utility in educational institutes where enormous water and power utility is prevalent.

The other ideal places are gated communities, transport stations, toll plaza and many more. The structures not only harness energy resources while providing shelters beneath, also amuse the passersby. With almost 200 installations done, the company is all set to reach the 500 mark by the end of this fiscal year.

Coming from diverse backgrounds the founding couple merged their passions to build a product that would change the way the society looks at reusable energy sources. While Priya is from design and architecture background, Samit has a strong perception in software development. After working abroad for many years, they started THINK SUSTAINABLE LAB PVT LTD in Mumbai.

With enquiries from across the country, the ULTA CHAATA is right now seen in many colleges and railway stations around Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru. The salient features of the 1080 are, provides clean energy and drinkable water, can be handled from a smart phone and withstands wind speeds of up to 140 kmph.

Way2World wishes these innovative minds all the very best for their future endeavors.  Their success is to bring a rapid change that should accelerate the use of sustainable resources, yielding better results.

With inputs from internet- Rajkishan