Leaving behind our own culture has surely had a toll on everything we preciously treasured. Be it the human values, health, living standards and life expectancy. This in turn has led to a dull monotonous life, despite of success on the professional fronts.

The present generation realized these vital aspects of deteriorating living system and has now turned their focus to organic living. Forgetting roots has had a very negative impact on our ecosystem and the price we are paying is now a reality. Well let us not get into this further and feel remorse for the day.

On the other hand, how should we contribute to change this scenario is what we need to consider. So what does organic living include is it just organic food, organic vegetables, organic fruits and organic way of preparation, no there are other organic products like textiles, building material, living spaces and many more to the list. Most of them available at the organic bazaar held in the metros in the first week of every month.

Therefore, what do you sense here, there are immense opportunities for entrepreneurship. The whole exercise is ideal for women entrepreneurship as the process involves care and understanding the behavioral patterns of individuals. Moreover, who else can know it better than our women folks who have dedicated their lives, since generations, to up bring a better family.

While listing entrepreneurship avenues in organic living, the fundamental is organic farming. Kitchen garden, garden in communities and roof top cultivation are various formats that suit women entrepreneurship. On the other hand, farming pulses and rice varieties could be taken up by both the genders.

Apart from these, there is a vast scope for women entrepreneurs in e-cycling, e-waste and creating organic alternatives for cosmetics, sanitary and many more. Does this not sound lucrative and a sea of opportunities to lure you into this rare treaded pathway. If you are a beginner, the hassles are more but success brings name and fame.

Smelling opportunities and success are the basic instincts of entrepreneurs.  The path is maiden and the proposals are numerous, hence organic living invites all of you with a conscious to give back to the society by creating your very own niche in this sector.

Way2World in these columns would discuss at length about the various avenues of organic women entrepreneurship. We would also bring out the success stories of various entrepreneurs. This is an exclusive feature to escalate the pace of women entrepreneurship, in the country.

With inputs from internet- Rajkishan

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  1. Nice article. It would be more productive if concrete ideas, implementable plans (case studies) are shared so that people can make definitive action plans.

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