Opportunities for making WFH more quality driven

17052020 Virtual India, TheNewNorm:

  • Optimum Quality of work during WFH
  • Reason could be due to lockdown
  • Careless employees will under operate once the country opens up
  • Employers will notice the change but cannot move work to office due to expenses
  • Slowly creeps in GIG economy where Job Offers get converted into Job Contracts


Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) has brought a new phase globally with offices shut and homes lighting up round the clock. LockDowns have become the new order and the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan becoming a reality.

The rising Work From Home (WFH) stats prove that without wasting man-hours in commuting and huge expenses on infrastructure, quality work has been achieved. Now seriously companies would be contemplating over the issue and might make this the new norm.

However the challenge to the corporate is to ascertain proper work culture to get precise and optimum assignment completion. Though all is fine now, thanks to the lockdown, this might not be the situation post this crisis, how do they ascertain proper quality!

This is biggest problem as the system has quality professionals who are really serious about their work functions. But the irony is that there are also equal numbers of careless people who misuse the opportunity and enjoy, jeopardizing the team performance.

In the given situation the challenges that need to be addressed are:

  1. Data Pilferage while on WFH
  2. Assuring quality work hours from all employees
  3. Slip offs during night shifts or drowsy employees ruin the team output
  4. Being alert for team meetings even in short time notice
  5. Maintaining time lines and time schedules to yield optimum results

Considering the above few challenges, many more could crop while in action, the StartUp ecosystem must create newer solutions to solve these issues. The alternative is of course GIG ECONOMY where JOB Offers will transform into JOB CONTRACTS.

More security measures must be ascertained to avoid data pilferage. A CCTV to the work station with thermal sensors might be an option to be considered to keep employees on time while at home.

A thermal sensor must be developed to gauge the drowsy eyelids and must advice the employees to be alert. And many more novel initiatives must be planned ahead, for StartUps to gain advantage of the present situation.

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Note: In this hour of caution, due to the panic created by Novel Corona Virus (Covid-19) please follow social distancing and Stay Home – Stay Safe – Be hJealthy – Be Happy. This lock-down period is a time gap to introspect and upskill. With Inputs from internet – RajKishan

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