Be Vocal of the local, use LocalWire

16052020 Vishakhapatnam LOCALWIRE:

  • Get wired with the local community
  • Desi Social Media Platform within the city
  • Be a part of the local media
  • Get more from your own locality
  • Never miss out on local happenings

Local WireThe PMO announced the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan to rehabilitate the nation, Post Covid-19 during Lockdown 4.0. The main urge, apart from stimulus package, was on being vocal of local products.

In a bid to create the necessary impetus, our very own social media platform LOCALWIRE would add value to the present setup.  ‘LOCALWIRE is a hyper-local Social Network, mobile app, which allows users to discover or contribute News, Happenings, Experiences, Events, and Discounts around their geo-location (1-100 Kms of radius)’.

Currently operational in the twin Telugu states, plans to expand reach with the new initiative. LOCALWIRE helps the user with the latest happenings in their locality while allowing them to be vocal about their products or services across the society.

LOCALWIRE is convenient with vernacular or local language inputs as well, enabling everyone to access irrespective of English fluency. This ideal microblogging social network allows the user to get precise information of their locality.

LOCALWIRE provides regular Feed Updates, Events, Deals and more. The Social media platform also has some inventive feature like TelePort were one can ‘point any location on map and see what’s happening around. The other innovative feature is SCALE where users can adjust their radius to know more about adjacent localities.

Users could use the Follow Option ‘follow local Artists, politicians, Government Organisations, celebrities, brands, business and never miss updates.’ LOCALWIRE empowers ‘local businesses by listing their products & promotions on app’, helping them reach, wider audiences.

The security measures on this App are quite above average with ‘verified accounts for Local Government bodies, NGO’s & local businesses. This feature gives authentic information to the users.

In case one wishes to become a news reporter, they can post a 360 words article about the local happenings. As a follow-up action, the App has an analytics tool which allows the user to assess the reach of their post.

LOCALWIRE is feature rich App, with state-of-art tools bundled within, making it the ideal medium to be vocal on local. Most of us might be waiting for this service filled social network reach our cities to make the best use of our local community – is it not!

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