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12 May 2019, Bengaluru, PROPADIS:

Want to be tension free owner for a home away from home

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India is a growing nation with huge consumer market and demanding real estate features. Nearly 4 million NRIs living abroad own a house in the country. It’s a dream of every overseas Indian to own a house in their home city.

However the dampening part of the story is when you invest in a home and are abroad, then the owner needs to rent it or keep it under lock and key. Unattended or unmaintained property value never appreciates and in due course of time turns into rubbles. On the other hand tenants could be pain in the neck if their backgrounds are not verified prior to renting.

Considering this problem as a challenge, three founders Vinod Podar, Shantanu Dev (US) and Prashanth Bhatt have founded PROPADIS. The solution safeguards, enhances and monetises properties of NRIs and HNIs.

PROPADIS helps NRIs & HNIs stay tension free, by managing their India Properties through a real time tech platform & personalized on ground services. Additionally, help builders generate NRI leads through on-ground marketing. It is totally win-win proposition to all stake holders with personalised service, harnessing latest technology.

PROPADIS leverages its strengths of having global locations where Indians are settled, thereby instilling their confidence of being available locally for any query. Periodic updates and live video streaming of property to the subscribers with a dedicated manager for each party has helped them scale up and serve many non-resident Indians.

The core functionalities of PROPADIS include maintaining, renting and selling of property owned by Indians far away from motherland. Subscribers can avail economical but precision services and be relieved of property worries.

Just a year old, PROPADIS handles property across various cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Calcutta and Chennai where the NRI real estate investment influx is high.

PROPADIS envisions, “A home in India is your treasure – a part of your history, your heritage and your legacy. We value that sentiment and strive to make property management hassle free.

Though life has taken you miles away, a part of your heart is still here. We, the founders at PROPADIS, have been through the heartache of trying to manage a property in India from far away. Coupled with the fact that it is difficult and tiresome, the property suffers too. PROPADIS offers NRI property management services to help you with all your property related issues.”

PROPADIS team has a rich legacy of over 50 years of cumulative experience in catering to customers from across the world. Using advanced technology to bridge the gap, they make it easier for overseas Indians to get the job done from their comfort zones.

Be it buying or selling a property, property maintenance or tenant management – leave it all to PROPADIS team of seasoned professionals on the ground.

All-inclusive service includes tax payments, documentation, house maintenance and repairs, tenant changes and more. What more do you need to enjoy the ownership of an Indian home when abroad with seamless information at your fingertips while sipping your morning brew on your dining table, agreed. For a friendly property manager contact PROPADIS and watch the magic unfold of tension free investing.

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