DRINN ensures your heart in safe hands

DRINN DoctoronCall

11 May 2019, Kerala, DRINN:

  • 24/7 Connected to your cardiologist
  • Integrated Cardiac consultations
  • Live video consultations
  • Distance does not matter
  • Doctor’s advice just a call away

God’s own country, Kerala, has mystic beauties at every turn of the road, as you tag along the state, filling your hearts with ecstasy and exuberance. However your heart, the most precious body part that needs to be safeguarded to survive is the need of the hour.

India, a nation of billions needs massive innovations in agriculture, education and health care. These developments not only drive the economy wheel but also yield better living standards to the future generations.

With almost 40 million cardiac patients and just 6500 professional cardiologists available, the ratio is too weak to make life happy for all of us. If this is of grave concern to most of us, a rare trio from Kerala have taken this as a challenge and created an affordable solution.

Three different domain personnel, serial entrepreneur Abhilash Pandath, senior cardio Dr Shaloob and techie Bijith Ahmed have developed DRINN mobile App based solution to keep the patient connected to a cardiologist of their choice. The trio solves the jigsaw by enhancing the efficiency of the cardios and helping them to reach out more patients without time constraints like travel or appointments.

DRINN envisages creating a disruption in cardiac health care services delivery by creating a new ecosystem comprising of cardiologists, medical professionals, hospitals/clinics, IOT device manufacturers and leveraging technologies like mobile, IOT, analytics & AI. BY harnessing the best of all technologies DRINN connects the doctor-patient pair closer, virtually.

DRINN, germinating in 2016 went on live since 2017 and has successfully taken care of many hearts. The main objective is to enhance the quality of cardiac health care services. This inturn reduces cumbersome surgical processes, as a well-cared heart, leads to a healthy lifestyle.

DRINN’s Innovative Services Delivery Platform creates a clear disruption in cardiac healthcare delivery by enabling cardiologists to monitor the vitals of the patients remotely by using clinical grade connected medical devices.

DRINN is supported by a dedicated 24X7 KPO, managed by qualified paramedics functions as the first level of support on behalf of the cardiologists helping patients with all necessary advice for a quick recuperation.

“The platform helps cardiologist/hospitals to roll-out remote monitoring service for their patients. Remote monitoring services entail, monitoring the vitals of the patients using clinical grade medical devices. Each patient is enrolled in the program by the respective hospitals/cardiologist. The doctors prescribe the tests the patients have to perform, which is scheduled on the platform. The patients use a secured mobile app to see these schedules and perform the tests using the devices accordingly. The devices are in turn connected to the patient’s mobile app and sent to the cloud.”

Download the DRINN mobile App to enjoy seamless support from your cardiologist even on the go. This novel app reduces the impact of the demand and supply issue between the patients and specialists.

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