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01 November 2019, Mumbai, PETSIDE:

  • Going out of town, want a place to let your pet relax
  • Does your pet need to socialise with other pets
  • Do you want expert pet trainers
  • Want to keep your pet more happy
  • Have you ever wanted a pet care center in your city

The answer to all above questions is now answered by two innovators through PETSIDE, India’s first-ever pet care specialists with the largest network of top rated pet services across Mumbai. Appreciate the initiatives of DAMANJEET SINGH OBEROI and VIVEK SINGH, who envisioned a comfort centre for pets that make their lives more beautiful.

Founder 01PETSIDE are solving a global problem with handpicked PETSTARS, fully insured, state-of-the-art services, 24×7 live support and so much more which makes PETSIDE, ONE STOP DESTINATION for all canine needs. They have an exclusive initiative to make pet parenting easier altogether!

In a candid chat the founders claim, “PETSIDE is the #1 platform in this arena. Indulge in never seen before services right in your neighbourhood: DOG WALKING, PET SITTING, DOG TRAINING, PET HOME BOARDING, PET DROP-IN VISITS AND PET DAYCARE.”

Founder 02

“We want to act as an aggregator between pet parents and pet service providers and veterinary doctors viz; Dog Walking, Pet siting, Home boarding, Training and daycare. Also we plan on having a separate section for veterinary doctors i.e. listing of vets and appointment booking, online chatting with veterinary doctors and home visits .”

Are you a working professional / A business owner / a busy pet parent? Then you know it’s not always practical to take the pupper with you everywhere. After all, a calm, private home is often preferable to a kennel environment, and some owners may even want a sitter to stay at their house so their dog doesn’t have to leave the comfort of his familiar surroundings. We have awesome products that are tailor made to your pet needs for pet care.”

“We have professionals right from CEO’s, CXO’s, to flight attendants, college student to senior sitters. Oldest being 71!!, all working for us just out of purrrr love. Not only that, each and every walker and sitter has passed a thorough vetting process that includes a *30 point checklist before being approved as a #PETSTAR.”

Petstar 02“Pet Parents ie Dog owners, cat owners do not want to leave their babies alone, let go leaving them in a cage or kennel because they are always at home in a free to roam or do environment and leaving them in a cage or kennels has both physical and psychological effects on the Dog or cat, Hence there was no real “Home Boarding” option available in the market wherein one could go and select from a boarding option of their choice.”

“Similarly with Dog Walkers, one did not have an option of selecting the dog walker of their choice the only option was to go to the nearest pet shop or fb group, then again who knows weather they are walking the dog or not.”

Petstar 03“Some pets are comfortable at their home itself, pet parents were looking for a trustworthy and safe-pet sitter either for an hour to check-in on their pet at their house. Finding good dog trainers is another challenge; where are they certified from? how many trainings have they done.”

“Another issue is the amount of money spent on healthcare and diagnostics. A minimum of 1.45 hrs is spent on a single vet visit and a minimum bill of 500 to 800 every single visit. plus the hassle of taking the pet out of the house, into a rickshaw or cab (only if the driver agrees),then waiting and then getting in front of the doctor.”

With PETSIDE, book top rated pet services in 3 simple steps: 1) Search a sitter (700+ professional, verified sitters near you) 2) Schedule (pet sitting, training, walking, day-care, Drop-in visits & more services) 3) Book (hassle free) With Handpicked PETSTARS, fully insured services, 24×7 live support & best in class services. We go the extra mile to ensure your pets’ safety and your peace of mind while you are away.

Petstar FranchiseThey spelt a lucrative opportunity for like-minded people from across the nation, “If you love animals and have a safe and secure home, it makes sense to consider dog sitting on the side. But, is it really that easy, or that lucrative? PETSIDE offers earning opportunities to those who love animals and would like a way to earn some extra money on the side.”

“We have over 700+ professional sitters, walkers and trainers that have passed a thorough vetting process before being approved to work on the platform. But, our professional sitter’s aka PETSTARS main qualifications are simply loving animals, being reliable, and caring for them in a safe, loving environment while making some extra bucks.”

“The earning potential largely depends on our PETSTARS and we have many sitters as full-timers/part-timers, including a few that make hundreds. Our platform is all about giving incredible, equal opportunities to those who love and truly cherish pets in every way possible.”

Concluding the chat they informed, “Everything we do is guided by our vision: Healthier Pets, Happier People and Better World.”

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