Ramayana instills self-confidence leads to success

Er Anil Guru

03 November 2019, Delhi, Er Anil Guru:

  • Update to sustain success
  • Be focussed on the end result
  • Work 360 degrees to reach target
  • Time is precious, work on a day-to-day basis towards the goal
  • Transform the team towards the larger vision of the StartUp

Something that interested me while browsing the YouTube is listed below to make this Sunday an eventful day. All roads lead to one destination that is compassion and happiness. Scriptures of religions enlighten about living in harmony and setting exemplary standards for the generations to come.

One such example is explained well by Er ANIL GURU, in his latest video (given below) which was quite interesting and fascinating. Every Startup Founder must understand the need of being stern, comprehensive while logically thinking right from the user’s point.

The Business Guru opines, “Hindu Religious Books and Cultural traditions are not only guides for spiritual benefits but also worldly benefits too. Lord RAMA went to forest with LAKSHMAN (Lakshya + Man or determination), and SITA (means Sheethalata means Patience). A successful person should have these two contrary characteristics. See video to understand such teachings from Ramayana”

The renowned mentor added, “Ancient Indian scriptures are great books not only for spiritual benefits but also these can be wonderful guides for living life, doing business etc. A successful entrepreneur must have some contrary qualities like Aggression (due to his determination to achieve goals) and Patience. Lord RAMA was accompanied by LAKSHAYMAN and SITA (or Sheetalta means patience). Importance of Self-confidence is very well emphasized by RAMAYANA. Self-confidence can bring Sanjeevini, when your determination is dying, and patience is also lost.”

During the RAMA-RAVAN war, on one occasion Lakshmana had a fatal injury and was lying dead. Lord RAMA’s close team mate HANUMAN, an embodiment of unyielding love for the lord, brought Sanjeevini herb to cure the injured.

Founders must influence the mind-sets of their team to visualise the envisaged vision for the entity to achieve success by all means. Such teams that are coercive on their mission turn into unicorns in the coming future.

Er Anil Guru 02About the Author: Anil Kumar Gupta (AKA Er. Anil Guru) is a Business Empowerment Coach who supports ventures from Envisioning to Empowerment (E2E) by Inform, Instruct and Inspire (3Is) founders through sharing Insights, Intellect, Information and Ideas (4Is). He is An Electronics Instrumentation Engineer, Software Professional & Author.

He is technology entrepreneur and also helping over a dozens of startup ventures to succeed in their entrepreneurship journey. He is best known as 10X Growth Guru for providing 10X growth to Startups & Small entrepreneur along with mid-size companies too. He can be reached at

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