Most of the time science frequently defies the earlier theory set in. one such awesome example has been the foundation of a start up ventured by IIT Roorkee alumni from Bengaluru. This start up seed funded by the TIDES incubation centre in 2015 is all set to revolutionize mobile and solar cell industries in the coming future with its research on Graphene.

The Indian innovators are to develop this form of carbon, which is one atom thick, and make it available for commercial use for corporate, through licensing mode. The founder Akshay V. Singhal and his associates Kartik Hajela (VP Business Development) and Vivek Kumar (VP Accounts and Legal) are on cloud nine with their successful implementation of their dream product.

Graphene in its commercial form is 200 times stronger than steel while being one million times thinner than a single strand of human hair. It is also almost as transparent as glass and 250 times effective than silicon. Experts reveal that this material derived from graphite is sure to bring in rapid changes in medical diagnosing equipment, biomedical examinations and semi conductor industries, to name a few.

Coming back to our leaders in this segment in the country, Log 9, recently launched their PPuF (Post Purification Filter), an attachment to filter to commercial cigarettes that could reduce smoke by 50%. The product had conducted trials in Delhi and won many hearts. A pharma company marketed the filters with brand name ‘FILTR. The start up claims that the company works on proven scientific concepts from around the world and transforms them into market ready technologies.

The founder said that PPuF filter costs Rs 594.00 for a pack of six filters and as per estimate; each filter would last for more than five cigarettes. They are now available online on their portal www.ppuf.co.in.

This is just a tip of the iceberg that is sure to revolutionize certain industries to make the world a more comfortable living space. However, the discovery of grapheme was by accident, claims a science journal back in 2004.

Two scientists Andre Geim and Kostantin Novoselov from the University of Manchester were investigating on Graphite, when they created grapheme. This wonder material earned them a Nobel Prize in 2010 in physics.

The product has amazing characteristics of mechanical, thermal, optical and electrical properties making it the most solicited by future industries. Being the thinnest material ever discovered it is not visible to naked eye.

What can one expect from graphene in the coming future are infinite possibilities. However, the common products could be flexible displays in the computer and mobile devices, stronger aircrafts and automobiles, electrical utilities and solar equipment. The list is never ending and could be expanded with newer innovators working on the wonder product.

Way2World wishes these young innovative minds all the very best for their future endeavors.  Their success is to bring a rapid change in many fields while making many items affordable and yielding better results.

With inputs from internet- Rajkishan

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