No Food Waste on world hungry free mission

No Food Waste

07 November 2019, Coimbatore, NO FOOD WASTE:

  • Approximately 10 lacs needy fed
  • Nearly INR 5 Cr revenue saved
  • 300 plus tons of food saved
  • Excess Food? Call us 90877 90877
  • Tamil Nadu, AP and Kerala more on the radar in the coming months

Money is not always the barometer of success, sometimes it’s more than that. That’s what seems to drive these youngsters from Coimbatore who embarked on NO FOOD WASTE, a noble initiative to feed the needy with food excess available at functions or hotels.

No Food Waste is a mission to end food waste and hunger to make the “World Hunger Free”. They recover surplus food from weddings, parties and functions and donate it to needy and hungry people. Dedicated Food Recovery Units including Helpline Number, Food Recovery Vehicles, Vessels, Mobile Application and Volunteers are involved for effective process execution.”

The operation has been decentralised in such a manner that not a morsel of food opted for distribution goes waste. The process involves a call to be made by the donator to the dedicated line. Instantly the volunteers arrive and check the food quality and pack them into hygienic packets. Then the food pick-up vehicles arrive at the spot and collect them to deliver it at nearby localities where the needy dwell.

No Food Waste is an edible food Recovery Project which serves the surplus excess foods from Weddings, Parties and other events, to the hungry and deprived. This is achieved through a Hot- line number in the City along with a dedicated collection Mini Van.

The system works thus. Once we receive a call from the donor at our hotline number, we reach the respective collection point with our volunteers and necessary accessories depending on the volume of food along with our “FOODIVA”, a vehicle specially equipped by our team for excess food collection.

We have also reached out to more than 50,000 students teaching them auditing food waste and managing food waste in their campuses. Awareness sessions on the impact of food waste are conducted in corporates, organisations, institutions and public places.

No Food Waste Project Feeds 500 hungry people daily in Coimbatore city. New City chapters are started in Delhi, Noida, Chennai and Salem which feeds 1000 people per month average. Till now we have fed 60,000 people with the good quality untouched excess foods recovered from different functions.”

Hence the next time you have excess food at your event call 90877 90877. Let’s not waste food, let the needy have it. Because amidst all donations food is the only offering that makes the recipient feel content.

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