Green Royals deliver organic basket direct to kitchen

Green Royals

06 November 2019, Hyderabad, Green Royals:

  • Organic Vegetables & Fruits
  • Healthy Snacks
  • Storage in strategic locations
  • Collaboration with Research Institutions
  • Get your trial pack at Rs. 650/- with 24 items
  • Call 86887 41384 (@Hyderabad)

Modernization and fancy for the western culture have had a toll on the culture and lifestyles of most urbanites. Never heard before diseases are playing havoc on urban lives, are very often headlines on leading dailies. Two things that are affecting our survival factor are sedentary ways of living and chemicals dominated food grains.

This problem opens up wide vistas for innovators as there is ample scope for process innovation and product innovations. One such process innovative oriented company from Hyderabad is ABY Farmers LLP. Their brand of grocery labelled Green Royals 2GREEN ROYAL are products of utmost quality practices produced from organic farming process.

From farm to fork they monitor every stage to give out the best to customers. Their mission is to give good health through affordable good food ingredients. With this in mind have recently launched FARM NATURALS’ FAMILY PACK at an affordable price of Rs. 650/. This trial pack consists of 24 varieties of organic food ingredients that are a part of your monthly grocery shopping.

Where ever you are in Hyderabad you can order this pack by making a call. By ordering you not only enjoy good organic food products but also would realize the amount of passionate work gone into that pack by the team.

Green Royals 01ABY Farmers LLP, a social enterprise established in 2017, is primarily an agri processing and marketing organisation which deals with the commodities produced by the farmers. We recognize the critical contribution of farmers and treat them as Partners in Progress and every year we share 50% of the profit generated by us with the Farmers/ Farmer Producer Companies.

ABY Farmers is a short form of AGRI BUSINESS YUVA FARMERS OF INDIA. We make all efforts to encourage youth to take up agriculture as their preferred livelihood option by facilitating them to get better returns on agriculture. ABY is also the acronym for “Always Brings You the Best”. ABY Farmers always brings the best to the customers because they are the best and they deserve the best.”

This agripreneur must prosper and their expertise must be adopted by most farmers. Thereby yielding good food for all, resulting in better life expectancy. Way2World wishes AGRI BUSINESS YUVA FARMERS OF INDIA success on this noble mission.

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