No more cooking tension! Buchuk serves hot delicious Curries


08 November 2019, Hyderabad, BUCHUK:

  • Automatic Cooking Machine
  • Create recipes, market them
  • Follow Personal diet plan
  • No hassle cooking with food cooking robot
  • Affordable for all foodies

Urbanites are missing out sumptuous flavors due to their hectic lifestyle. The rat race is on as the sun rises and keeps one awake burning midnight oil. Amidst this chaos to grab a morsel of good food is possible only on an outing or on a holiday. The problem is more prevalent amidst working couples and singles living far away from homes.

This is a problem identified by some young guys from Hyderabad who have embarked on a mission to help everyone eat good home food at their convenience. Thus was born this best food cooking machine using latest technologies like iOT & AI.

Bestfoodcooking machineBUCHUK LABS prestigiously unveils its automatic food cooking machine, BUCHUK. This affordable curry maker, unlike your modern cooking accessories needs no attention and does precise cooking at the tap of a tab from ones mobile. Interesting!

Get a menu that is never exhaustive, BUCHUK has it all. Immediately one can cook 50+ Fries, 10+ Dals, 25+ curries and 10+ non-veg items. In case this does not suffice then download any recipe from the market place and instruct your intelligent mechanical chef to cook.

MechanicalchefOn the other hand, create own recipe and instruct this food cooking robot. To do this you could connect to the Chef maker from anywhere through your mobile. Gamut of interesting features that ensures tension free hot delicious food.

WHY BUCHUK? Because this is first of its kind and we all love to gorge good healthy food. In addition this cooking machine is decked up with awesome features like Portable & easy to carry, Automatic Wash Cycle, Less power consumption, Auto Ingredient measure and Connectivity with WiFi/Bluetooth.

What else do you need to order this wonderful cooking machine? Just log on to and leave your details. The sales team would get back to you with all relevant details. Happy cooking and delightful eating!

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