Worried about the short circuits on rural farmlands…

Looking for puncture less tubes…

Do you want a remote for your electrical utilities…

Would you like to operate tow bore wells with single motor…

Wish to convert your waste into wealth…

Addressing all these pain points and more…..

Innovations unlimited at the NATIONAL LEVEL INNOVATION SUMMIT organized by ADVANCED TRAINING INSTITUTE (ATI), in association with TechiesNest at Hyderabad was a grand success with almost 2000 students from 90 colleges participating. Twenty three enterprising innovators with market awaiting prototypes exhibited their exuberance which inspired the onlookers.

Channelizing the youth mindset is the most important task on the nation, because if neglected could be devastating. With almost 75 Mn educated youth in the country job security is uncertain.

However if they turn to the idea of being job providers than remaining as mere seekers then the economy could thrive.

Explore the pain points in the world around and then innovate the solution to overcome those issues, such startups are sure to scale great heights. These were the points briefed by the dignitaries and the crowd, mainly students, agreed.

The event held at the ATI campus in Vidyanagar on Wednesday (11-04-18) had abundant attention from the student community, especially from MBA and B Tech background. The full day session had delivered the planned impetus to the youth, kindling interest towards entrepreneurship.

Must admire the efforts of the organizers for hosting, the massive program, within a span of 18 days. The impeccable planned session was an inspiring one for the attendees. The event was the first in Hyderabad and was designed to nurture entrepreneurship among the students.

Until few years back every student graduating had, three options either take up higher education, or seek a job or opt for civil services.

However today there is an additional and most prestigious option for the community to take up entrepreneurship. Every college is today equipped with a entrepreneurship cell to cater to the needs of the institute.

The government is doing its best to encourage the startup ecosystem by achieving optimum levels of success that inturn brings in economic stability. Harnessing youth could yield demographic dividends and if neglected could turn into disaster.

All the dignitaries felt in unison that collectively the stakeholders must develop the entrepreneurship ecosystem for it to flourish. The atmosphere must be startup friendly. The fundamental tasks would be to clear roadblocks and identify thrust areas that need to be resolved and create coordination between the central, state and private agencies for increasing the performance levels of the ecosystem.

The Chief Guests of the event were Shri VIJAYA KUMAR DEV IAS, Addl Secy Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, GOI, Shri SHASHANK GOEL IAS, Principle Secy, Govt of Telangana and Shri JAYESH RANJAN IAS, Principle Secy IT, Electronics and Communications.

The other speakers were Shri MAHIR PARIAL Dir ATI, Shri TANNEERU SURESH, Founder TechiesNest and Shri T VEERENDERNATH, Co-Founder TechiesNest.

WAY2WORLD admires the united efforts of the entire team and the buzz that the event has created with large turnouts at the venue must bring a positive change in the minds of the participants. With inputs from internet – Rajkishan

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