As discussed in these columns private participation in improving the start-up ecosystem in India, by the intelligentsia, is the need of the hour. Many domain experts wish to do their best for the ecology to thrive. Moreover, one such experiment is briefed below……

“As a group of Indian entrepreneurs and enablers from India and other countries will come together to deliver a cross border summit in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi in the last week of April – 2018, it will mark the realization of the vision called INDIAGLOCAL.

A chance meeting in January between Neelendra, a London based Indian entrepreneur and Sameer, a Delhi based investor and mentor, got them talking about a shared vision of unlocking the global potential of Indian entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Discussions soon transformed in to action and INDIAGLOCAL was conceptualized as a think tank initiative to help Indian entrepreneurs to grow on a global stage through network of localized communities of Indian entrepreneurs and enables in global cities.

In a short span of time many Indian from across the world has shown interest in associating themselves with the initiative.

The launch summit scheduled in April, would see speakers coming down from Canada, UK, Singapore and New Zealand to share their regional knowledge and opportunities for India entrepreneurs and ecosystem at large in those regions. The details about the event and speakers can be found on the INDIAGLOCAL website.

A collaborative think tank initiative INDIAGLOCAL will facilitate Indian entrepreneurs to connect with global communities through exchange programs, taking Indian entrepreneurs to international ecosystems and bringing international start – ups to work within Indian ecosystem.

As a first to that, INDIAGLOCAL has facilitated a collaborative effort between Delhi based MyInstaPass and London based INNOVITAS to take a cohort of Indian start – ups and investors to UK in July.

A tightly packed program is planned to get them a peak in to the entrepreneurial environment of United Kingdom and interact with local entrepreneurs, professionals, investors and other enablers.

Neelendra believes that, India is poised to be a global leader for what he calls the next entrepreneurial revolution led by deep technology penetration and socially conscious innovation.  “Despite being the third largest entrepreneurship hub, we see India not being able to achieve its deserved place in the global entrepreneurial community.

There is need for a conscious collaborative effort, both in India and abroad, to change it and that is the purpose of INDIAGLOCAL.”, he says.”

INDIAGLOCAL’s Cross Border Entrepreneurship Summit – 2018 will take place in Bangalore on 21st April, in Mumbai on 22nd April and in Delhi on 28th April. For details and registration write to the team at

Way2world wishes INDIAGLOCAL a grand success in its noble initiative. With inputs from internet- Rajkishan

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  1. StartUp Ecosystem is Lacking:
    1) It’s Basic Skeleton.
    2) Total absence of Engineering & Research support for “Concept Approval” or “Idea Validation.”
    3) Truly supportive well informed about Innovation Investors.
    4) Investors Investing for Broader National Interest level attitude.
    5) Regulatory support from Sector Specific for their Solutions offering Start-ups.

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