Are you perplexed with what to gift your clients…

Would you like to convert your living spaces into more lively places…

Do you feel suffocated in your chambers…..gasping for more oxygen

Are you enthralled at the rural designs…

Planning an event and looking for novel ways to invite your guests….

All these roads lead to one destination…for all nature lovers…go green and grow healthy…

Nature cherished brings in overall prosperity. Live plants in designer pottery for indoors create a luxurious ambience of the setup. It not only adds value to the interiors but also provides oxygen in abundance.

Of course, the ideology of a startup in Hyderabad is larger than the above. They wish to connect rural and tribal produce to the concept of go green of the urban markets. By following this principle, they wish to support rural tribal and artisans of the nation.

Such is the noble intention of Subhashini, Founder of BOTANIC, startup from Hyderabad. The USP of the organization was to serve the rural artisans who were struggling for existence inspite of lively art in their hands.

The organization intends to provide the necessary impetus to this segment of people, so that they could have a comfortable life in their surroundings. In addition, they desire urbanite to enjoy the flavor of culture and support greenery.

The team procures eco-friendly products. Then do value addition to these crafts by planting oxygen-releasing plants in them, ideally for offices and living spaces. They also offer various plants in designer containers, ideal for gifting on special occasions.

Subhashini feels, ‘these plant-gifts also help in building healthy relations as a table plant on one’s table, inturn reminding the giver forever.’ The organization is also ready to provide gifting solutions to corporate and to get detailed information either visiting or write to:

BOTANIC a social startup is going places with its unique ideology of connecting rural flavours to urban ambience, which in turn is a win-win situation to all involved.

WAY2WORLD admires the novel initiative with service to humanity as the foundation. Such enterprises set standards that encourage more to tread on the path set by the doyens. With inputs from internet – Rajkishan


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