Language Nectar makes gennext proud of their mother tongue

Language Nectar

26 October 2019, Vadodara, Language Nectar:

  • Glamour lies in talking with grammar
  • India is a land of multiple languages
  • Nothing is sweeter then one’s own mother tongue
  • Learn your language in a playful way
  • Be proud to speak in your language

India is a land of multiple cultures that speak many languages. Estimates prove that India has got population that speak 1642 languages. However, only 150 languages have good patronage. And of them only 22 have been official languages.

Inspite of these myriad cultures, today’s children want to excel in English, to do well professionally. In the process, are forgetting their roots. While some say language is just a means of communication, purists believe that there is no glamour if there is no grammar.

However getting the GenNext learn is not an easy task. To solve this problem, one Professor tried his best to solve the issue with an innovative solution and thus was born, Language Nectar, which is the first Indian company to cater Android and PC based games for the grammar of Indian languages.

“Apart from the grammar based games, Language Nectar provides natural language resources like POS Tagging, Parsing, etc. which will be the base for machine translation or other computational linguistic applications.”

Know Your LanguageThe founder briefed about the initiative in his own words, “I am Dr. Archit Yajnik, working as a Professor in the department of Mathematics, Sikkim Manipal University since last 8 years. Born and brought up in Vadodara. I have Earned Doctorate degree from the M S University of Baroda.

While working with the R & D project based on Natural Language parser for Nepali language funded by Department of Science and Technology, the idea of developing android based game has come up in my mind.

To cultivate an interest towards Indian languages among the young Indian society is the aim of the venture. “Know Your Language” is the theme for which all the products of the company will be based on. The details are available on

With the help of students, we have started on developing the first product “Dazzle Word” which is based on Part of speech for currently 3 languages viz. Gujarati, Hindi and Nepali.

The startup has got support from Student Start-up & Innovation Policy, GTU, Govt. of Gujarat in the month of May 2019. Due to which we are in a position to launch the product on 15th October 2019, on eve of Birth Anniversary of Hon. APJ Abdul Kalam.

The game is available on play store to access the same click on the link:

Our plan is to extend the product for major Indian languages to support the multilingual diversified Indian culture.”

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