Fatima Mary volunteers as Tamil Culture Ambassador

India's first daring and dashing female solo Traveller

19 October 2019, Chennai, FATIMA MARY:

  • Gender is not a barrier for FATIMA MARY
  • First Indian woman solo Traveller who has travelled 40 countries
  • Travels around the globe for enhancing cultural awareness
  • Oldest Dravidian language is the Tamil language
  • True travel Icon who embarks on adventure out of her own earnings

1 Fatima MaryOne can persuade their own dreams and add feathers to their cap by giving shape to thoughts. Normally hurdles for spreading wings of an average Indian girl starts at home when trying all means to convince a set of unconvincing family. And beyond is the society that tries hard to suppress the attitude of a rebel.

2 Fatima MaryHowever all this would not over-power a die-hard optimist like FATIMA MARY, India’s first daring and dashing female solo Traveller who has travelled 40 countries. This Web graphic designer with a decade of work experience in Qatar has now started travel and tourism business since a couple of years.

4 Fatima MaryIn a candid chat, she explained, what fascinated her for embarking on these trips, “I am inspired by the Tamil culture that is backed by rich heritage. I would like to reach out to the world and enlighten global audiences about the importance of our culture that has been our asset.”

5 Fatima Mary“FATIMA MARY is a well-known Traveller across cyberspace. One of the boldest and most inspiring woman solo Traveller of her generation, setting an example to people from all walks of life.”

6 Fatima MaryThis lady is an inspirational leader to the women folks who sulk over the hurdles faced and keep pushing the idea of spreading their wings. FATIMA MARY not only faced all the struggles faced by an average Indian girl who wishes to give shape to her dreams, but also left behind an illustrious career to achieve them.

7 Fatima MaryWAY2WORLD salutes this young adventurist and an entrepreneur with a purpose. “FATIMA MARY is an entrepreneur and travel blogger, heading a group of successful StartUp companies. A Tamil girl who has travelled solo to 40 countries world over and all geared up to break more records in the pipeline.” She started Hey Travellerz, tourism business, from Chennai.

8 Fatima MaryTamil is one of the oldest Dravidian languages and was first written in 200 BC. It is documented as one of the purest language, globally, by historians. SANGAM LITERATURE, dated 300 BC – AD 300 is one of the earliest Tamil Literature. Being the oldest language, the culture also has firm roots since ages.

9 Fatima Mary“FATIMA MARY on her behalf is doing her best to take the importance of Tamil culture to international listeners. She operates her tourism business which is one of India’s tourism hubs. She believes to make travel more inclusive and accessible to the tourists across the globe most importantly promoting Indian tourist destinations, traditions and culture to all her tourists and clients.”

10 Fatima Mary“FATIMA MARY is recognized domestically and internationally as a travel icon, most importantly amongst all her social media followers as a dynamic force inspiring and motivating women to be bold and confident from all walks of life.”

11 Fatima Mary“FATIMA MARY supports several non-profit events and programs for the underprivileged kids and is active in pursuing performance opportunities to all focusing quality in the offering rather than quantity. As an event producer she aims to promote young enthusiastic God’s own children driving them to Greater Heights in creative process and exposing their talents to Limelight.”

12 Fatima MaryOur Special Thanks to Ms TANUJA from ENTV4WORLD, who had introduced this marvellous adventurer to us for our readers to understand about the perseverance of a young girl to excel. WAY2WORLD adores this young media professional from Chennai who is inspiringly throwing light on various individuals who are silent crusaders in their own domains.

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