Laabh Ventures churns out successful StartUps

Enable Entrepreneurship"

23 December 2018, Bengaluru, LAABH VENTURES:

Mentors play a vital role in nourishing the ecosystem and reducing the mortality rate of StartUps. Inspite of numerous stalwarts ready to offer services, StartUp founders fail to get the right mentor on board.

Early stage StartUps need to have a mentor to hand hold them and steer clear out of troubled waters. Ofcourse guiding souls also need to survive, probably high consultation charges are not viable for the starts, but sharing a small equity would be an ideal option.

With an efficient mentor on board facilitating investments would also be quite lucrative. Every stage of the StartUp cycle needs a peer to council for moving to the next level. To make this a viable option many mentor consultancies have sprang up in different regions and online too.

One such initiative with a noble outlook is Bengaluru based LAABH VENTURES. As the name suggests it is a win-win situation for the early stage ideating brains to be nurtured by eminent people from the ecosystem to scale up their ventures. LAABH VENTURES helps ideas germinate precisely with their proven formula.

LAABH VENTURES guide aspirants at ideation, to conceptualise, with commitment and validation, later assist them in scaling and establishing. By the end of this cycle the founders become mature enough and turn their ventures into brands.

Undeterred Focus and frequent evaluation makes a venture successful, is the order of the day. Right knowledge about the availability of resources helps to win the battle nearly upto 60% and the rest is how you envelope the solution to coerce client usage.

In an exclusive chat with CS Rajaraman, Senior Consultant at LAABH VENTURES, “Our Mission is to “Enable Entrepreneurship” and hence we intend to work throughout the life-cycle of an entrepreneurial venture.

As an “Entrepreneurship Enablement” firm we intend to help start-ups and smaller companies to grow and attain scale.

LAABH VENTURES offer ‘Services such as Business Mentoring, Go-to Market Support and Funding Assistance, Virtual Incubation and Business Consulting.’

And ‘Mentoring involves end-to-end stages like Ideation, Team – Co founders, Business planning, Funding, Execution, Marketing and Growth, Business Strategy – M&A, Exit and Alliance.’

He concluded, ‘We assist entrepreneurs and check for their Passion Quotient, Ethics and Discipline as prime criteria to consult them.’ Bengaluru based LAABH TECHNOLOGY VENTURES PRIVATE LIMITED means business assuring success.

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