QATAPULTT proves knowledge helps student outsmart

Knowledge based education

24 December 2018, Bengaluru, QATAPULTT:

Education is one arena where major transformation needs to be done on a war footing. We must gradually transcend from mundane bookish education to practical knowledge imparting processes. This approach will definitely yield phenomenal results for the entire ecology and will give rise to more inventiveness among our future citizens of the nation.

Moving away from the old classroom methods towards DIY labs, enables better development among aspiring students. Heavy research needs to be carried on this subject to yield more productive curriculum that must awaken the inner intelligence of every individual while rekindling the ‘renaissance movement.’

One such aggressive initiative is QATAPULTT, doing extensive research and implementation in this domain. In merely six years of existence, QATAPULTT has transformed 23K students in four cities partnering forty schools. This initiative would be most result-oriented if Tier II and Tier III cities are also reached.

DIY program

QATAPULTT team, ‘have been imparting various activity based programs such as life skills, space and earth science programs for the past 6 years. A set of dedicated trainers are deputed to each educational institution to impart training on various topics through their academic year. Apart from its trainers, QATAPULTT also taps on the practical experience of industry veterans and advisors, who have spent more than 25 years in various capacities, including senior level positions.’

The three main products of QATAPULTT are ‘CHAMP 360, a program that brings teachers and parents together to nurture students & create a positive environment.’ The main objective of this initiative is to empower each student with ‘360 degrees skill set in their arsenal – to optimize academics, health, fitness and personality to emerge a LIFE CHAMPION. Thereby, developing a holistic individual, who is equipped to face the world with better understandings and problem solving abilities!

The next is ‘SPACE QUEST’ which is an activity based Space and Earth science program. With the vast progress in space research and rapid strides in commercial space travel, the need for Physicists, astrophysicists and scientific researchers etc has increased and statistically, our country has shown fewer students picking these fields of study. Space Quest, with its fun “Do It Yourself” (DIY) activities, introduces the passion for  sciences and research, making space and earth science fun for kids of all ages.’

ImmersEd is another interesting activity that brings a planetarium to the classroom through Dome Theatre, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. ‘This close-to-reality experience helps kids remember the learning, not only because they have seen but also experienced it. ImmersEd provides kids with a stellar experience through its state-of-the-art ultra HD video and sound portable dome theatre or planetarium.’

The novel initiatives of QATAPULTT LEARNING SOLUTIONS PVT LTD, need to be acknowledged by many more institutions to bring out the best in every student. This not only helps individual knowledge base but inturn aids towards enhancing the country to a ‘developed nation’ stature.

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