FTAPCCI’s Conference on Industry4.0 : Futuristic Trend for Smart Businesses


19 December 2018, Hyderabad: FTAPCCI:

As humans have been evolving, so was technology and the latest advancements are moving at a rapid pace, becoming more user friendly while giving ample scope for innovations. What was distant even for imaginations since ages are turning into reality due to the innovative intuitions of a few youngsters who now confidently feel that entrepreneurship is the best option to satisfy their dreams!

The periods of change in the technology dominance in human lives has been till date categorised into four industrial ages and the latest that involves the combinations of machines and information technology leading to development of Internet of Things (IoT) domain, has been classified as INDUSTRY 4.0.

There is huge #Shoutout in these areas from across the globe and to know about the latest developments be there at the event organised by Federation of Telangana and AP Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FTAPCCI), Hyderabad on 20/12/18 (Thursday). The event is Ideal for students, academicians, industry and enthusiasts.

FTAPCCI invites all, ‘INDUSTRY 4.0 aims to facilitate the interaction between humans and technology by providing information at all industrial plant levels.  INDUSTRY 4.0 can provide manufacturers many benefits such as improved efficiency, lower costs, higher revenues, and increased innovation.

To create awareness and encourage industries to adopt the latest technologies, FTAPCCI is organizing the Conference on INDUSTRY 4.0 : Futuristic Trend for Smart Businesses, as detailed below

Date: 20th December, 2018 

Time: 3.30 p.m. 

Venue : Federation House, FTAPCCI, Red Hills,  Hyderabad.

The Conference aims at raising awareness on INDUSTRY 4.0 and provide an opportunity to network with some of the Industry 4.0 experts, investors, MNCs, entrepreneurs, and innovators. The participation is free, however prior registration is must.

Kindly participate in the Conference and join us at Hi-Tea. Please confirm participation to Mr.L.Girijapathi, Asst. Director, FTAPCCI, Mobile: 8008700258, email:

For the information of our readers, the earlier Industry updates started off with the industry revolution between 1760 -1830 named as INDUSTRY 1.0. From man-made stage we evolved into machines made age. This period saw many industries springing up and large quantity of products being produced for human utility. The machines were using steam power for functioning.

Later during 1840-1870, INDUSTRY 2.0 slowly crept in with steam power being replaced by electric power. This aided the growth of the industry by leaps and bounds. With abundant quantity of products produced, manufacturers looked up for distant markets. This quest led to the development of logistics, transportation and infrastructure domains.

Onset of the twentieth century started ideating age, with importance to information technology which inturn drove the communications domain. Inspite of two big world wars the evolution survived due to inspiring domain experts who created solutions that improved efficiency at all points. So was INDUSTRY 3.0 born!

And from 2011, INDUSTRY 4.0 took shape with machines managing themselves through remote access or predefined algorithms. Human interaction became minimal. Machines with sensors controlled by computers, smart phones became the order of the day. This advancement allowed industries, especially machine bound, manage virtually in a predefined pattern.

Experts from BOSCH at the trade Hannover Trade Fair-2011, expressed, ‘a new Industrial Revolution had arrived with innovations brought into production by the modern face of the information era.’

Way2World invites new StartUp founders to attend this event to update their knowledge on the prevailing trends in the domain. With inputs from internet – RajKishan