How does your (S)tupidity (Q)uotient affect your personality

Get rid of (S)tupidity (Q)uotient

Hi watching the film- inside a cineplex

Hi came for provisions – inside a supermarket

Does your email have space or capitals – over a phone

Wow circulate this message to 20 groups and you will get something – on a whatsappchat

Every time we fail we think we need to be more cautious-but again fail due to less concentration on the issue.  

These are a few instances in our day-to-day life that we all react, similarly, but have you ever analyzed why we behave like this….probably this is because of our (S)tupidity (Q)uotient, (SQ). Most of us do possess this SQ, however, we keep denying it.

SQ has a direct impact on the decision-making capability, risk taking agility and anger control measures that determine the persona of an individual.

Psychologists confirm that every individual possess IQ (intellectual Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient), CQ (Creativity Quotient) and AQ (Adversity Quotient). The combination levels of these three determine ones personality.

However, a class nine student from Delhi, PRIYANSHU GUPTA, a child prodigy, has added another aspect of human psychology, SQ. This young lad gives a detailed explanation that SQ could be hazardous to your reputation and social recognition.

Honoring his innovativeness, PRIYANSHU GUPTA has been nominated as the brand ambassador for RISING INDIA, a brain fitness and education company. The organization emphasizes that, ‘Creativity is the ability to come up with new ideas through a mental process of connecting existing concepts..’

In addition, SQ could influence your inborn instincts and deprive one from being successful in life. The only way to take avoid such situations is to take control of self by taking stock of one’s individual conversations patterns.

Unlike other negative factors that could be treated, by external agencies, SQ can be resolved only by thorough introspection. By controlling, self while communicating with others, an inherent caution index is raised within self.

This control has a very positive effect on self that in turn has an overall impact on the behavioral pattern of individuals.

This aspiring boy, who wishes to pursue medical sciences in future, analyses that every one of us possess this trait (SQ) and if we gain control over this, our vision to achieve success is within reach.

SQ is an alarming trait and needs to be combatted with immediate effect, especially for startups and entrepreneurs. SQ might ruin their chances to succeed by affecting their decisive powers. The only cure for this dreadful attitude is to take stock of every situation and act wisely.

Way2world wishes this young genius a grand success and alerts readers to understand this disability. However, nothing alarming as the cure is within self. With inputs from internet and interaction- RajKishan

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  1. Wonderful insights. Kudos to this child prodigy.

  2. Amazing information.We can criticize entire bUt never felt the need for introspection.

    Thanks admin to share such inspiring content. Also kudos to Priyanshu Gupta for giving this concept of Stupidity quotients or SQ.

  3. way2world is doing great by spreading positivity through such inspirational contents.

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