Distress is never anywhere near when mother is around you. Such is the awesome spell of mothers on their wards. They fight with all evil forces and keep them away from their dear ones, under any circumstances.

It is true, GOD could not be everywhere and hence Mother substitutes. Parents are the most precious gifts of nature to every individual.

We look to them at all needy times and they oblige, in turn, when they look to us for their needs, if we reciprocate then our life turns meaningful.

The word mother has an immense meaning to the world and now let’s decode it from the startup point of view: MOTHER means (M)otivational (O)rganizing (T)actful (H)alcyon (E)xceptional (R)esilient.

(M)otivational, watching a mother nurse her toddler is ever inspiring and motivational. An important aspect every wannapreneur must adapt. The idea is like a toddler and must be nurtured with enthusiasm.

(O)rganizing, Mother’s are well organized in caring the family and are the first multi-talented humans one ever witnesses in life. Similarly, an idea is an individual fantasy, building a team will take things to the next level. However, before that numerous small tasks need to be accomplished alone, only a perfect roadmap makes it easy.

(T)actful, another aspect of the mother that need be followed to gain maximum mileage in an endeavour. Being intelligent in solving the initial hiccups and willing to work smartly are successful traits of a flourishing startup.

(H)alcyon, in spite of time-testing circumstances, mothers try their best to keep their family happy. Every wannapreneur must always think about the success of the venture even when criticized and must never stop reinventing the startup.

(E)xceptional is a quality of every mother that needs to be admired and adhered by every aspiring individual. Every task must be planned differently that must lead towards development.

(R)esilient, journey to entrepreneurship has its own teething issues in the beginning in various forms like negativity from around, operational issues, financial problems and many more. However, one who sustains all these hurdles and moves forward becomes an icon to many aspirants.

Video Courtesy: The Powerful Message About A Mother’s Love (Champion of Choices)

Way2world wishes all a very HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY and salutes all mothers for their dedication and care. I love my ‘AMMA’ who is always there by my side. With inputs from internet-RajKishan