Stuck at cross roads in career, as a student

Want to upgrade in your domain, as a professional

Want a mentor for your startup,

Test waters of your new idea

Bogged down with the question ‘what next’

The journey of life poses many challenges raising questions, which at that moment look unanswerable. The best alternative and solution to such situations is to seek expert guidance.

However to get all questions answered at one place is another big question. To solve all such hurdles Maj SUNIL SHETTY has started an online platform ‘ASKMENTOR’ in Jan 2014.

The Hyderabad based retired army officer is an Entrepreneur, Angel investor, Columnist and a mentor to many startups that are today established brands.

The platform created must be an offshoot of his journey as a columnist and as an investor. Probably during that, tenure he would have observed from close quarters the early hiccups faced by aspiring entrepreneurs. We guess that this would have shaped up into ASKMENTOR platform that facilitates networking of mentors and mentees.

In short, ASKMENTOR is a successful social network that quenches the thirst of upcoming entrepreneurs and helps them succeed by guidance from domain experts.

The strengths of ASKMENTOR is its expertise mentorship that plays a vital role in the success of an individual or an enterprise alike.

ASKMENTOR answers the trickiest question faced by most of us, ‘WHAT NEXT’.  A student could raise the question or an entrepreneur or a professional, there is a solution for each one, by the intelligentsia.

In addition to mentoring on need-based requests, ASKMENTOR also organizes various domain-based webinars that enrich its vast subscriber base with the latest developments in the spheres of influence.

ASKMENTOR, reveals ‘You will agree, each one of us has felt the need to talk to somebody – a guide or a mentor while going through a transition or challenge in our life.  But, only a lucky few find such help. A professional or entrepreneurial journey is full of challenges thus at varies stages he/she needs a mentor -who is a “brain to pick, an ear to listen and push in the right direction.” There is no shortage of experienced mentors in India and across the globe.’

Video Courtesy: ASK MENTOR

ASKMENTOR is the weapon for success in your armoury, for all startups. As the journey beginning form the ideation stage to the branding stage poses numerous challenges and with the right mentor in your team, winning is inevitable.

This advantage is offered to all startups by the platform, the process is handheld to success once you logon to the platform.

Maj SUNIL SHETTY has been on several portfolios after serving the Indian Army. All through his career post retirement, he had been working towards the development of the startup ecology in the country.

However, his entrepreneurial journey includes, as a co-founder of HACKMANIA, in 2014. Later he founded ASKFUNDING in 2015, which was a seed and early-stage funding platform.

The story of Maj SUNIL SHETTY, who is the WAY2WORLD icon of the day, is quite inspiring to many who would like to share their expertise to build a better startup ecosystem in the country. With inputs from internet – RajKishan