AIM2020 platform for e-mobility founders, Investors

10032020 Bengaluru, THE EVXPRTS FOUNDATION:

  • 10 Investors
  • 10 StartUps
  • One to one sessions
  • Optimum success rate
  • AIM 2020 on 23rd April at ITC Welcome Hotel, Bangalore

AIM 2020E-Mobility StartUps are gearing up to unleash the next automobile revolution with amiable government initiatives. Globally there is ample being done in this sector and our country with a huge populace has abundant opportunities for young innovators in this segment.

However the dampener is the requirements of huge funding for developing a consumer awaited model. “To encourage and provide platform to #startups of #Automotive segment THE EVXPRTS FOUNDATION has planned for an #Investors Meet on 23rd April’20 at ITC Welcome Hotel, Bangalore.

Investors know the future when it comes to #Automobiles as it revolves a lot on #Autonomous #Connected #Electrification  and #Smart mobility.  These trends have given raise to many StartUps in #Automotive segment and there is a need to many good quality StartUps to raise funds from #Investors.

#Startups in #Automotive space looking for #Investors can get in touch for more #information. Similarly, #Investors #Sponsors who would like to partner and be a part of this #event, can also get in touch for more #information.

‘Out of around 79000 #startups in #India only 6500 StartUps are #funded’ says Indian Venture Capital Report 2020 by Bain and Consulting. This means only 8% of StartUps are funded today.  This event wishes to reduce the gap and encourage the networking between the founders and the investors.

The increase in #advanced #technology demands the OEMs to increase their #investment costs. But, investment is huge for an OEM to work on many areas of latest #trends and a report by #Deloitte assessed % of end user who would be willing to pay that extra amount to have these newer technologies in their #Automobile.

#StartUps can’t wake up one morning and decide it’s time for them to fundraise and watch the money flow in from next morning. #Networking among the #community & pitching to the appropriate Investors is very important to scale and build #business to secure the right #funding.

The 8 Important things an #Investor looks for in #StartUps

  1. Different or unique way to solve a customer problem or to meet customer needs.
  2. Facts & Figures with market size, obtainable market-share, product adoption rate.
  3. Scalability of the model proposed
  4. Sustainability
  5. Profile of customers targeted
  6. Competitors and Profiles of Competitors
  7. Marketing tactics to adopt and Most important
  8. Team

StartUps require funding for one, few, or all of the reasons.

  1. Prototype / product development.
  2. Website/app development
  3. Hiring Team
  4. Legal or Consulting services
  5. Licenses and certifications
  6. Operating capital
  7. Marketing and Sales
  8. Office space and other admin expenses

AIM2020Automotive Investors Meet 2020 fulfills all the aspirations of budding entrepreneurs. AIM2020 is for #Entrepreneurs who are looking for a platform where they can directly meet and interact with investors and get funded.

The event is to help early stage start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs by providing them platform that they need to turn their entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

Experienced entrepreneurs, active investors – both angels and institutions, influencers, facilitators and of course corporate representatives gather with only one agenda – #BUSINESS.

Meet your potential investors early. The event is to help early stage start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs by providing them support that they need to turn their entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

AIM2020 will be the venue for just 10 handpicked start-ups to pitch their business to a pool of investors. Aspirational individual achievers from the start-up ecosystem will share their stories, their philosophies and their success secrets.”

Registration is open now.

Limited Registrations.  Only few more seats left!

The EvXprts Foundation

Email: info@evxprts.org

Call : Sathvik Batte 9491054942

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