Tech Eye enables blind to see through sounds


05 November 2019, Adilabad, Blind Eye:

  • Tech Glasses designed by students from Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Adilabad Telangana
  • Visually impaired can read
  • Can walk in a crowded area
  • Selected for incubation at BLAZE-IGNITING IDEAS, at FLAME UNIVERSITY, PUNE

One need not experience the problem to find a solution but concern for the less fortunate who are facing the issue, plays a vital role, for innovating. Normally education at Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas (JNV) across the nation is worth admiring due to their detail-oriented format. We have come across many students, from these schools, who think beyond education.

My recent encounter with this young man from JNV Adilabad fascinated me for his passion towards visually impaired. T RAVI KIRAN, a tenth class student has designed a “device for visually challenged persons, who cannot see and read. This helps them to read the text, when they place the text in the range of the camera and the output is in voice such that even though of their disability, they can read the text with the help of these glasses.

With three sides sensors fixed to the frame, visually challenged can also walk through a crowded area with ease. Because the glasses, advice vocally about the hindrances on all sides guiding them a safe walk-through.

01 BLINDEYE“The device guides the blind person to walk in normally crowded areas by telling to take the free side by the voice as output which makes them to move freely in the normally crowded areas safely, like to go front or left if something comes right to them, to go left or right if something comes front to them and to front or right if something comes to left to them. (Something refers to any kind of obstacle or even human)”, reveals the founder

With this device on, the user can also recognise known people nearby whose identification is already saved in the device. The device would advise the user about the known person within the vicinity.

02 BlindEyeAn end-to-end utility product for the visually impaired, who possess good hearing capabilities. Walking with caution will help them conquer their blindness to some extent.

The young founder along with his team and class mate E TEJA RANI, have developed a product that completely guides the visually challenged persons and helps them to the read the text and walk freely. Their innovation has won them many laurels wherever they have pitched the idea.

The pair of sensitive glasses has got ALL INDIA 2ND PLACE IN ACTION PLAN-SOCIAL ENTERPRENEUR COMPETITION 2019. They also received THE YOUNGEST ENTREPRENEUR AWARD in ITEX TELANGANA’19 at Hitex City, Hyderabad.

Way2World wishes the young innovator a grand success in his mission to provide a tech eye to the blind. BLINDEYE must be inspiration to many students across the nation, who wish to persuade their dreams to scale higher strata in the society, while serving them.

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