Every dog has its day – delicious nutritious dog diet by GoodBoy

Captain Diet for Dogs

06 October 2018, Hyderabad: GOODBOY

Is your dog refusing to eat home cooked food

Are dogs refusing branded foods

Is your dog over or under weighing

Have you checked the bone strength of your dog

Being a dog lover is an awesome experience and eventually one tends to become a pet parent. However the trouble starts brewing once a canine is bought home. One needs to understand the likes and dislikes of the pet and spend adequate time to nurture the pet.

Inspite of doing all this and more out of love for the pet, if it has health issues then the feeling is terrible for the entire household.

One major issue that could lead to this situation is not knowing the ideal medication schedule for young puppies like vaccination details. Another reason could be during early stages the pups need some special toys for the teeth and first time pet parents might know much about it and tend to follow the instructions given by the pet storekeeper.

The third main reason could be the food served to the doggie, mostly branded packaged foods or home cooked. Both could be rejected or unrelished by your pet. Then who to turn to is an intriguing question running on the minds of the pet parents.

To solve all the above issues, two young men, pet lovers’ ofcourse, launched a unique initiative, GOODBOY.Kitchen, Exclusive dog Food Company. The two founders Kaushik N and Harsha B are so passionate about the venture and feel elated when we strike a conversation on their subject.

The founding team is a right combination of a commerce grad and an engineer grad. However both are equally involved in manufacturing this passion to serve the canine of the Hyderabad city.

In a candid chat the founders informed that after several experiments and trials, they had devised a unique recipe, CAPTAIN DIET, not only tastes good, but also nourishing and palatable to dogs.

Ask them how they got into this, “it’s because we are pet parents and many like us would like to give the best to their pets.”

They add that Kibble form of dried food supplied by branded manufacturers is not relished by dogs, over a period of time. However freshly cooked food is ever interesting to the canines, like humans. On the other hand, if the pet parents prefer to give only packaged items then they have also introduced SUPER JAM and WONDER JELLY that could be spread on the dog food and the canine would relish the food.

In order to serve the city pet parents with quality diets, the founders wake up at 3 am in the morning and monitor the cooking in a special format, treat the ingredients with UV and pack them in 0.500 gms, 1000 gms and 1500 gms packages and deliver the food at residences by 10 am.  The servings should be as per the breed and age of the dog.

How about the pricing: univocally they reply that we work on a monthly subscription basis and our costs are almost equal to the regular food available in the markets, but much less expensive than the premium brands. However the vital differentiator is the quality of the food served.

Soon they plan to spread across the city and across the nation through franchise network where recipe would be their IP. And the company would also like to introduce ‘PUPPY TOOL KIT’ which would be a one stop solution to pet owners of just born pups.

The kit would include standard material like collars, teeth soothers, food and medical guides, in addition to many other utility products.

As a conclusion the founders proudly announced that we pack our food in non-plastic material, to avoid unnecessary dumping of huge quantities of single time usable plastic containers. This way their food is also environment friendly.

Way2World congratulates the GOODBOY team for their passion and hope that they become reckonable brands in their domains. With inputs from internet – RajKishan