PICKTRAINER, learners pride to be trained by choice of experts

07 October 2018, Bhubaneswar: PICKTRAINER

Every student needs a definite and distinct learning pattern to assimilate the required knowledge. Commutation is another big hassle for learners, they are expensive and consume precious time. To address this pain point primarily for the learning community, an Orissa based StartUp has come up with a unique solution.

Newaetate Pvt Ltd is recognised by the state government as, ‘Startup‘ under the Odisha Startup Policy – 2016.’ It is the brain child of ABHISEK PATTNAIK. The company’s flagship product is ‘PickTrainer.’

‘The transformation of the whole domain of education by entering into a complete new era in providing instant quality teachers at door-step, solving unemployment, and also organize online competitions and online survey in various fields,’ Is the sole aim of PickTrainer.

In a candid chat, ABHISEK PATTNAIK informs, “PickTrainer is India’s best online tutoring and free competition platform where each one’s skills are judged and aspirations are realized in his or her own unique manner.

If you haven’t heard about us yet, PickTrainer is an online education and training app which also offers the biggest platform for free online competitions and social media contests.

At PickTrainer, we help people solve their educational tutoring and skill training needs with handpicked experts from each respective field from swimming to rocket science.

Our experts can help you understand and solve everything from that devilish itch of a calculus problem that you are banging your head about to coordinating the string of programs to create a meaningful digital functionality.

PICKTRAINER teamJoin us today to teach and earn, participate and win or refer and make money online. PickTrainer can help you with flexibility in Time, efficacy in Technology and the jingle of Money in your pockets.”

Considering the traction of the StartUp, 6000+ experts have been on boarded teaching 1.25K+ learners over 15K classes and 25K hours since the last inception in 2017.

Apart from the online teaching platform the company also introduces ‘Photo Contests’ to encourage talented individuals. The panel of eminent judges will announce the winners who would avail cash rewards and recognition.

Way2World appreciates the efforts of team Newaetate Pvt Ltd for revoking the inbuilt talents of individuals and showcasing to the world. With inputs from internet – RajKishan 

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