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30042020 Virtual India ViswaGuru India:

  • Five Ice Ages led to extinction
  • Four Industrial Revolutions enhanced human
  • Global Lockdown devastating effects
  • Counting chances of survival
  • World is renovating, reinventing, retrospecting, resilience, refurbishing…….

There are numerous thoughts in every mind across, globally, about the future of mankind. Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) will leave an everlasting impact on humans. Now the million dollar question is how resilient should we be after such an unheard distressing pandemic.

Life cannot stop and needs to continue. Unlike animals, we have to lead a fulfillment filled life, in such a situation what should be our strategies.

The StartUp scenario is going to be more robust as nearly 130+Million people are to suffer unemployment, especially the high ticket ones, as per experts. And the best option available is start your own business with the savings (if any) earned from past endeavours.

On the other hand, Global funding agencies are going to turn towards ViswaGuru India for investing on value based manufacturing for which the world is the market.

This situation not only gives positive signals of entrepreneurship taking the driving seat, but also rings alarm bells among the existing and new entrants. This simply means that the emphasis would be on more on quality, economic pricing built on scale-able model.

We need to ‘focus on the focus of the focus’ as some genius said. The positive news is that the nation is bound to change its entrepreneurial approach towards minimalist and market oriented economy module.

This will fill the ecosystem with exuberance and research emphasized approach.How do you move forward under circumstances, post COVID.

Business history will be marked henceforth as pre & post COVID. The trends of all businesses were at a high peak before this crisis. Though the post scenario will see a rise in the trends unlike present lockdown stats, however will take much time before they reach the peaks and hence would settle somewhere between no sales & high sales.

Under these precarious instances, if one panics then perishes, survival of the fittest will again govern the economy. Either one needs to find new avenues of enhancement out of their domains or need to search for additional augmentation within the domain of operation.

In other words founders need to look for new sectors to harness their leverage outside or look for less heard products within the sector and upskill to give value addition. Unless a rigorous introspection is done prospects look bleak, recall experts.

Every idea needs to be power packed with convincing content, only the ‘brilliant’ idea status will not assure customers. Founders must design a strategy based on the fact, ‘value of the product / service has no value if the end user’s problem is not solved efficiently.’

The ultimate solution must result on the communication and feedback received, as it is value given to these inputs leads to success. Business owners must certainly realise the value of emotions and must try sincerely to invoke the emotions of the listener while engaging with prospects, virtually or on grounds.

The publicity material created for branding must be  neat story content and live interactions must cover a similar live example solved by the entity, earlier.

This would allow the buyer and seller to be on the same page, assuring a win-win situation. Forever your client must feel satisfied and praise himself for the wise decision taken.

Many experts feel that we need more story acting founders who act rather than say about the solution. The story enacting or content expressing methodology catches the eye of the consumer and helps them visualise the product even before actually feeling it. Remember every idea is a good story that resolves a problem.

In a nutshell in the present context every founder must analyse the three aspects of perfect corporate structure by checking the policies, external environment of the industry and internal processes to achieve perfection. Only perfection will lead to success.

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Note: In this hour of caution, due to the panic created by Novel Corona Virus (Covid-19) please follow social distancing and Stay Home – Stay Safe – Be healthy – Be Happy. This lock-down period is a time gap to introspect and upskill. With Inputs from internet – RajKishan

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