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30 December 2018, Hyderabad, FTAPCCI:

Food and Beverages (F&B) segment is bound to grow in this second largest populated country. With rising middle class and maximum working class youth, the markets are growing at a rapid pace. There is ample space for exploring opportunities in this customer driven domain that demands for nutritious, organic and eco-friendly packaged food.

State Level Seminar on “Role of Traditional and Functional Foods in Modern Era”

FTAPCCI is organizing One Day State Level Seminar on “Role of Traditional and Functional Foods in Modern Era”on January 04, 2019 at 10.00 am at FTAPCCI, Red Hills, Hyderabad.

The objective of the Seminar is to familiarize the prospective entrepreneurs and more initiatives for  existing Food Processing  industries with all relevant inputs and to address the related issues on  implementing policies  and incentives by Central & State Governments with a view to achieve overall performance.

Eminent and renowned speakers are being invited from Institutions like APEDA, NABARD, IIMR, NIN and IIP to make presentations on the subjects.

The Seminar aims to cover the key areas in the following sessions.

Scope, Opportunities and Challenges of Processing and Value addition of Traditional and Functional Foods

Nutri Foods – Traditional Way

New Machinery Equipment for manufacturing Traditional & Functional Foods.

Regulatory requirements of Food Safety & Traditional and Functional Foods.

Opportunities for Production,  Value addition and entrepreneurship development from millets in India

Need for Nutritional Up-gradation and standardization of Traditional and Functional Foods

Innovation of New Technologies in packaging of Food products.

Centrally sponsored schemes – Providing financial assistance to prospective entrepreneurs in Food processing

As the Seminar is going to be the first of its kind, bringing together all entrepreneurs/stakeholders, Senior executives of leading manufacturers of processed and packaged foods, technology providers in post-harvest management, Food Processing Equipment Manufacturers, Food Safety Solutions providers and Government agencies are expected to attend the Seminar.

To defray a part of cost of the programme which includes background material with file cover, lunch, Tea and snacks a fee of Rs.750/- (including GST) (Rupees Seven Hundred and fifty only including GST)  per each participant is charged.  The fee is to be paid by way of Cash or Cheque/DD in favour of “FTAPCCI” payable at Hyderabad.

Bank details :

Name  :  FTAPCCI ;  Bank : SBI (Savings account)  ; Branch : Bazarghat, Hyderabad
A/c. No : 10005356049 ; IFSC Code :  SBIN0005893,

For more details about the Seminar registration please contact : Sri L. Girijapathi, Asst. Director, Mob: 8008700258; Email:  girijapathi@ftapcci.com

Press release by FTAPCCI

The climate for growth hacking in this sector is supported by extensive agrarian economy. Deeper into the stats India is the largest producer of pulses, second largest in rice, wheat, sugarcane, fruits and vegetables. And of course the largest consumer market in the world. Incidentally we are also one of the largest producers in the milk and fifth in poultry. The climatic conditions and availability of extensive arable area are quite advantageous for development.

The rise in F&B segment also helps the processing and packaging industry accelerate on full throttle, because it is estimated that in the $ 400 Bn market share, food processing is supposed to be $130 Bn as per a report in FORBES. And mind you, this is 10% of Agri GDP and 12% of manufacturing GDP.

The same report also suggests that the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into the country, (since 2000 -2017) has been $7.81 Bn in the F&B segment. This makes the sector thirteenth largest domain where global investments flowed in.

All this supports the growth of the F&B ecosystem helping it thrive independently even without the need for exports or global supports. A report by CII suggests that India is forecasted to be the fifth largest consumer market in the world by 2025.

Hence explore the sea of opportunities available in this sector. Be there at the FTAPCCI event to know the intrinsic details on the prospects and government support. Catch us at the venue…..

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