CUBE WEALTH helping savings earn exponentially


31 December 2018, Mumbai, CUBE WEALTH:

Earning to survive is the most essential component of life, of which savings becomes crucial to survive on a rainy day. However the risks and low growth factors are a pain point for investors. Imagine a customized and seasoned adviser on your side, than half the battle is won.

Most of you will agree with me! Because right investments let your savings grow exponentially and at times surpass your own potentials, ensuring comfortable living standards for the family.

Young knights are now earning handsomely in a quarter which took a lifetime for their senior counterparts in those olden days. However the expenses are also mounting, beyond imaginations leaving us with no option to save more. On the contrary if saved regularly, even though small investments could fetch good returns.

Many successful entrepreneurs rejoice over their success, but this serial successful entrepreneur wanted to create a platform that would help budding youth to invest rightly with regular guidance by experts in the financial industry.

Unleashing India’s only automated wealth application (App), CUBE WEALTH, created by SATYEN KOTHARI (ex-founder of Citrus Pay). The name is a synonym for success and this time this innovative entrepreneur wants to share his success with all, by offering a solution that helps your savings grow without any special efforts.

CUBE WEALTH offers customers multiple asset investment options, advice and products from SEBI and RBI registered partners, and a personalized wealth concierge service via Whatsapp.

As per narration of Nupur Kale, “His career has included stints with several start-ups and larger companies such as Intuit, First Data, Cisco, AOL, Yahoo, frog design & App. SATYEN KOTHARI has invested in 14 companies in the spaces of marketplaces, payments, solar, education, and payments. He is an active member of the Stanford Alumni Association.

The story dates back to 2016 when ground work for CUBE started, they were a niche bill payments and expense service carved out of the company previously founded, Citrus Pay, by the founder. In a very short time CUBE’s bill payments app reached to 350,000 users and handled over 35 Crores in payments, picking up a few awards in its way.

The extensive research on urban Indian professional’s challenge on wealth creation led them to unravel the mystery. The key issues identified included:

  1. Lack of financial literacy
  2. People not knowing where to start in investing
  3. Not knowing who to trust
  4. Mis-purchase of products
  5. Mis-selling of products

Unsurprisingly, everyone at CUBE experienced the same issues at a personal level. SATYEN KOTHARI had been working for 20 years and only after selling Citrus Pay could he access good advisers. This was unfair and he knew he wanted CUBE to address this.

The team recognized they were dealing with time poor people that enjoy fantastic digital experiences every day in all aspects of their life except wealth services. Intelligent and motivated people that have never been taught how to invest.

So how does one come up with a solution to address all of these complex issues? …………………..from the leaves of  the Founder’s diary….

We decided early on we didn’t want to punish our users due to a lack of financial literacy. If you understand and enjoy doing the research yourself- good for you! If you don’t, you will love Cube because you don’t need to be Warren Buffet thanks to the in-app guidance. Plus top-tier proven advisors with amazing track records to guide you on where to invest. And – no financial jargon such as Sharpe ratios and PE numbers used either.

We created model portfolios to customize our recommendations for individual needs. We automated monthly investing in your personal SIP. We allowed the user to control every ruppee that went in and out via one tap. We created the simplest portfolio view in the world.

An onboarding process that wowed our user. Great for novice investors to learn how to start investing the right way. Brilliant to get experienced investors portfolio on track for out-performing returns.

With addressing the first 3 challenges comprehensively, we’ve limited the opportunity for people to mis-purchase products and eradicated the chance of products being mis-sold via CUBE. No one at CUBE gets a bonus when a member purchases one product over another.

We focus on bringing diversified portfolios to meet long term wealth creation needs for real people. We discourage greed, fear and emotional investing which can happen when you invest with a product/transaction based mindset and short term focus.

HNI’s have been the focus of the wealth industry for a long time. Mass affluent and emerging wealth are now getting some well-deserved attention. Personal, digital, transparent, simplified and automated experiences is the future of personal investments.

New asset classes such as P2P lending, renewable energy, fractional property ownership will become more mainstream investment choices. The future? CUBE WEALTH of course.” Do you agree…then download the app and start your investment plan for a bright future…..let money saved earn more money for you………

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