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11 November 2019, India, StartUp Mentors:

The atmosphere in the country is charged with the StartUp fervour. Thanks to the government initiatives like StartUp India, AIC, Tinkering labs, SKILL India and many more. This has resulted in giving the right impetus at educational institutions to encourage entrepreneurship on the campus.

With almost 35% of the population being in the decisive age, one needs to give attention to methods that not only provide financial security personally but also must aid substantial growth to the country’s economy wheel.

Being a regular speaker at educational institutes and events, we find many are tuning to the StartUp grove. The rate of emerging StartUps might grow substantially in the coming future.

Under these circumstances Way2World decided to understand what the GURUs of the ecosystem who have been renowned speakers, mentors and investors, feel the vital pointers for a budding founder to succeed.

Way2World has always been advocating the E3 Principle which would be the yardstick for success. The first step of ideating founders must be to EXPLORE the outcome and its reaction. Product evaluation and market evaluation must be done thoroughly by interacting with a cross section of the market even before one thinks of a POC or to form and entity.

The second important must be to EMPOWER the foreseen entity with right team while working on the compliance. The third must be to build the ENTERPRISE that delivers, what was explored under the empowered team.

Anil Guru“I have a theory ASK ME. It’s my own research molecule.  Ask me means Attitude, Skills, Knowledge, Mindsets & Envisioning”

ANIL (Startup Mentor I Ideapreneur I GROWTH Er) Gupta (Er. ANIL GURU)

Startup Coach / Mentor | Keynote Speaker / Jury | Startup Investment Support | Growth Engineering | Business Modelling

Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

ANIL GUPTA is India’s premier 10X Business Growth Coach and strategist for leading business owners, CEO’s, entrepreneurs and fortune 500 leaders. The core attribute which defines Mr. Gupta are Ideapreneur | Strategy Guru | Start up Mentor | Business Modelling Expert | Idea to Product Transformer | Author | Technology Entrepreneur

Way2World formulaExplore – Empower – Enterprise



Hyderabad, Telangana, India

RAJKISHAN GANTA’s almost three decade expertise has given him exposure in various corporate areas like Brand Management, Conceptualizing, Relationship Management, Presentation Skills, Media Planning, Corporate Communications, Event Management and Logistics. Apart from being an entrepreneur, I have held senior positions in many organizations that have given clear insights into the hardships faced by business owners in competing markets.
WAY2WORLD strongly believes that ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship have a positive impact on the economy’. Thereby they become job providers than merely remaining as job seekers. I feel exploring, empowering and enterprising makes India a developed nation. He has been awarded the prestigious Dr ABDUL KALAM AWARD For Excellence 2019, constituted by ECOSURE India for ‘Best Services to StartUps.’

Professor Risk taking Perseverance Switching between leadership and teammate roles continuously are the qualities required for Startup founders


Professor Emeritus at Netaji Subhas University of Technology

New Delhi, Delhi, India

Prof. VINAY NANGIA is a fun loving person who spent his life experimenting in rural, urban and metropolitan areas in Private sector Public Sector and Government in Banking, Business, Industry and Education in three countries and two continents.

Venture Wolf

  • Unique and original idea – Out of box thinker
  • Patience
  • Ability to create and manage teams from scratch – People Management
  • Needs to be hands on- Multi tasker
  • Good story teller
  • Hustler – needs to be able to find unique solutions to unusual problems and challenges.
  • Fast Learner


Founder @ Venture Wolf – An entrepreneur creating entrepreneurs

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

With more than 15 Years of experience in Financial Services Industry, DEVANG RAJA is the Founder at VENTURE WOLF, a renowned speaker and startup jury panel member at Million Minds, ambassador for INDIAGLOCAL and mentor at Eduwingsudaipur. He sits on the investor panel at various start-up events across the country and mentors various startups in their journey with his vision of taking the startups from “Idea to IPO”.

Business Value CoachThe most important Quality of Startup founder is understanding and following Business Value Development principles.

The average life of Business today is 15 yrs. This fact needs to be focused on planning and vision. Hence focus on equity more than sales is important.

Why Thomos cook Vanished ? Cox and King Vanished ?  Where as Tradewings, the oldest travel organization is still doing well. ? It’s Business Value Development.


Business Value Development Consultant USA, Key note speaker, chief Guest Speaker. Sales & Marketing – Digital marketing.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

RAJENDRA DESHPANDE is Certified Business Value Development Analyst (USA) with over 3 decades of experience in successfully managing end-to-end trainings, delivery management, project management, documentation & content development; acknowledged as an all-rounder intellect, attuned with the latest trends and techniques of the field, having an inborn aptitude to educate and train people to enhance their capacity and capability; He is working with various reputed clients as a Consultant in domain of training with distinction of having trained over 3k participants (student, fresher, MBA, professors, doctors, para-medical nurses, workers, managers etc.), across various sectors namely, Pharmaceutical, Aviation, Travel & Tourism, Banking, SME, Services, Air Cargo, FOREX and FMCG. He has been awarded for Excellence & Quality of Services by American Express and Thomas Cook.

AttiVitiPassion and Patience


President, Vitti Research Foundation, CEO-AI, Allied Digital –Accelerating AI Research and Implementation–

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

KUNDANA KUMAR LAL has Thirty+ years of IT-related senior leadership experience building businesses, handling aggressive corporate and client leadership roles, solidifying profitable executive level relationships at Fortune 500 companies. Recognised for capacity to delineate and articulate corporate vision and then galvanize teams to embrace it. Drive self and team hard, managing with honesty, integrity and respect, while building an unparalleled team loyalty.
Currently evangelises accelerated growth of Artificial Intelligence Research and Implementation in India. Also head ATIVITTI & VITTI RESEARCH FOUNDATION (a section-8 non-profit org) delivering AI & Emerging Technologies based Projects, Products & Training.

VStartA start-up founder must be a visionary with a strong value system.

Only a problem solver who has consistency and perseverance as his initial core values should venture into entrepreneurship.


CEO at Vaidik Solutions, Business Coach & Consultant, The Mentor of 1st Incubator of MP, Coached 300+ Entrepreneurs

Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

VIKAS SINGH is a Business Coach and Consultant, a Technology Evangelist and a Social worker. He believes that if we use the latest Science and Technology in the light of Vaidik Wisdom we can make a better world. He has empowered more than a hundred thousand people through his seminars, workshops, and talks. He created various personal and professional development programs. More than a hundred thousand people have attended his live talks.

Digital Marketing

  1. A mindset of freedom instead of security
  2. Ability to Operate without money
  3. Ability to operate without security
  4. A focus on opportunities rather than resources
  5. Different Management styles to manage different people
  6. The ability to manage people and resources they do not control
  7. A focus on team and value rather than pay or promotion
  8. An active learner-No graduation day
  9. Generalized education rather than specialized
  10. The courage to be responsible for the entire business and decisions


Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Sales Professional|Business Growth Solutions|Strategy|Sales| Consultant|Marketing|Speaker|Mentor| Phigital Marketing

DIWAKAR SINGH provides Business Research and business growth Services a uniquely designed in efforts and energies to deliver clients in time, by value and with list of answers & alternatives assuring them to lead in scoring a new frontier of their business. Their research aims to improve clients the clarity on challenges and contexts by encouraging clients in engaging with improved decision making to swiftly score over opportunities.

HusysPerseverance, strong Belief in Idea and ability to take No and move forward. Must be a sales person always


Founder @ Husys : Building International Partnerships : Reach for India HR support

Hyderabad, Telangana, India

G R REDDY (Mostly known as ‘GR’, by his friends) has rich expertise in exploring HR Function Management for the organisational benefit in the industry like: Manufacturing, Services, Hotel, Logistics, Aviation, IT, ITES etc., His core-competence is  of Linking Business & Organisational HR systems. He is experienced in Building & Managing Offshore Business for many MNC’s across the Globe. His Interest in Teaching include being a Guest Faculty for many Management institutes including IIM-Ahmedabad.

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