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  • Stuck at home and want to connect with team
  • Has the pandemic curtailed your interaction
  • Searching for an ideal video conferencing solution
  • Want to secure your credentials
  • Are you looking for an economical meeting platform

Covid -19 (Corona Virus) has curtailed our movement and restricted us to our homes. However essential domains need to function at all costs and thus was born Work From Home (WFH).

Without virtual tools like videoconferencing, internet and digital platforms WFH becomes handicapped. Meeting, discussing and working are regular parts of a perfect work process.  The whole world understood the value of time and travel. Confined to their homes yet could achieve 100% work in their jobs.

The importance of virtual tools was more felt due to their only way of communications. Inspite of various tools readily available, the nation of billions needed a ‘MakeInIndia’ initiative.

FaceKeek is an initiative by Silvers Enlighten Private Limited. This Delhi based StartUp, FaceKeek,  aims to provide the best Video Conferencing Experience to the customers.

FaceKeek is based on MADE IN INDIA concept. Here, one can do Video Conferencing for totally FREE. Moreover, you will find multiple benefits of the web-application in the coming time. It provides a virtual face-to-face experience with any audience from anywhere at any time on any device with multiple participants.

FaceKeek advanced features include totally Safe & Secure Meeting, Quick One-Click Meetings, Schedule Meetings and Interactive Chat Box. For customized economical pricing contact: FaceKeek.

FaceKeek is a favorable tool for companies or educational institutions having different departments. One can get multiple benefits with fuss-free Video Conferencing and Chat experience. The participant can make multiple video conferencing while sharing files as well. The users can make closed room chat or open meetings as per their requirements.’

WFH is going to stay and the use of virtual platforms like FaceKeek is going to rule the atmosphere. This is significant as the PMO announces relaxations to the IT companies as they are recognized globally as efficient, bringing pride to the nation. “Committed to furthering ‘Ease of Doing Business’ and making India a tech hub! GoI has significantly simplified Other Service Provider (OSP) guidelines of the Telecom Department. Compliance burdens of BPO industry will be greatly reduced due to this,” informed the Prime Minister.

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