India’s very own ‘Earn With Talent’ Platform DTDI!


23112020 Bhubaneswar, DTDI:

  • Cribbing for recognition
  • How do I show my talent
  • Can I earn with my talents, though I have no influential connections
  • Is there a ‘MakeInIndia’ initiative that would safeguard my interests
  • How do I get the right talents for my next project

Individuals with talents are looking for a secured ‘MakeInIndia’ platform that showcases their talent and if it could yield a ransom then the urge becomes desperate. Four youth from Odissa, also faced all the above difficulties, like you and me, however took them up as challenges and designed their new StartUp, ‘Dare To Do It.’

The foursomes are Om Sovan Das, Binit Kumar, Suryaprakash Kar and Nishikanta Pattnaik. Way2World had an open talk with one of them, Om Sovan Das, who patiently explained the journey of the four men army and briefed about the problem they were solving.

What are the problems encountered by talented:

Recognition of Talent, No proper Online competition platform to reward talent people, Making talent visible to people,  Allowing people to vote for deserving talent, Enable artists to earn online, Enabling creators to earn by creating challenges.

How does DTDI solve these issues:

Platform to participate, showcase your talent to the world and win to earn, Range of categories for our talented people to participate and showcase their skills, Organizations/Users can create competitions and challenge users around the world, DTDI enables common people to choose their winners, to vote for the deserving talent.

Tell us something about DTDI:

Dare to Do It (DTDI) – An Online Competition App where our users can earn money by completing certain challenges through video, by sharing their video of talent and skill users can promote themselves.

DTDI allows its users to showcase real talent. Users can also create challenges and share it with their friends, family or students to participate. Users can earn by hosting this type of competitions through our app. DTDI intends to help talented and skillful people to showcase their talent and a chance to earn by participating in different competitions.

DTDI will store big databases of talent and skills from different categories of talent of different users which can be exploited by targeting brands and other companies to do ads and marketing campaigns thru our mobile app platform.

What inspired you to embark on this adventure:

I am a Sports person, musician, Drummer and I always wanted to get recognized but never got the chance. I wanted to be a Mixed Martial Artist but the scope of it was low at least in a tier 2 city.

So that came to my mind that there would much more talented people but due to lack of scope and recognition they are not able to showcase their talent. Not only sports but many singers, dancers, artists having some amazing talent are not able to fulfill their dreams.

Revolving around different video platforms like TikTok (now banned), Reels, MX taka tak where there are talented people but majority are those who do not have any talent but just do lipsing and cringe stuff and get famous.

Whereas the real talent people are not able to get the fame that they deserve. DARE TO DO IT is made for talented and skilled people those who possess extraordinary talent. We aim to promote them and showcase their talent so that they really get what they deserve.

How about your journey:

To build the Mobile App, Our concept is new. So, to develop the prototype to make it appealing for users and also to make a statement that we are not another tiktok copied app was a challenge for us. So we made our UI more interactive and friendly so as to help our users find the right content without any hassle.

Also to raise money for the initial stages was a problem as in Odisha parents really don’t support business. But I managed to convince them with my efforts and hard work with some great startup mentors vouching and endorsing for me.

So where do you stand right now:

Right now, DTDI has 1000+ active downloads with a talent community of 3000+ people in our Social media pages. We are linking with some corporate like HaldiVita & Scora, Universities like NIT Rourkela, OUAT, etc, & Organisations like Agrivision. We aim to create a long term relationship with these Institutes so that they can have a presence with their stakeholders with Innovative Competitions thus promoting them and also a new way of marketing strategy for them.

How different are you from your competitors:

Competitors: Instagram Reels, GoSocial, Dubsmash

Why we are different: Online competitions for participants and helping them to earn thru their talent. Platform to let Corporate, Educational Institutes as well as Cultural Institutes to organize Online events/competitions. Different talent categories can form communities to learn, nurture and grow together. Database management of Corporate, as well as talent management balanced well is DTDI Mobile app platform.

Where do you plan to go from here:

We will aim to appoint DTDI Partners in some major Districts of the Country targeting Talented people from the Root level. We will collaborate with Rashtriya Kalamanch & GOT TALENT to make our presence both Online and Offline.

We will also with our mission try to connect and collab with Guinness book of world record and Limca book of records so that the Users can interact with different records and record holders and also can attempt to break these records with DTDI as the medium. We will make ourselves a legit platform where talented people will come to endorse themselves giving them a higher value in Schools, Colleges, etc.

How do you think wannapreneurs start off:

Startup aspirants must Stay Persistent and do a lot of brain storming. Make a road map of your idea and start working from that second without wasting any time.

DTDI are local by ideation, vocal for talents, aspiring global arena. This success formula is sure to take them to places. Way2World wishes the team a grand success and wishes readers to check this space about more such encouraging journeys in the ecosystem.

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