PIE ROOMS, not just another Hotel booking App!

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25112020 Bhubaneswar, PIEROOMS:

  • Need a room to relax for a few hours
  • Flight delayed searching for a few hours of rest nearby
  • Pretty bad weather too long to go home
  • Want to enjoy the luxuries of a star Hotel, for sometime
  • Arrange a meeting venue for your business partners

Omg! My flight is delayed by a few hours and my home is 50 kms away, it would take me roughly three hours to go and come back. This leaves me with just one hour spare time to resume boarding. Where you stuck in such situations?

Well atleast I did get into such tough situations where I could never take a decision. If I go back and come it would be waste of time and money while staying at a hotel nearby would drain my pocket with a day billing. So what should be done!

Many of us would have been in a similar situation, however no more, an young StartUp from Bhubaneswar, Pie Rooms provide world class rooms at affordable prices, moreover in an hourly basis!

The concept of hourly basis is worth the deal as the customer pays only as per their needs. Be it a flight delay or a business meeting, economy is the watch word. Whether the need is for a hangout, or for rest or to feel the luxury of a star hotel, Pie Rooms solves all issues.

The Hotel industry in the country has been evolving since the online bookings commenced. However Covid 19 played a spoil sport on this domain and many of the small scale operators almost became bankrupt.

Post Covid seems to be encouraging as the sector pins its hope high on revival. A report suggests, ‘the hotel industry in India stood at INR 5,844.81 in FY 2019 as against INR 5,527 in FY 2016, and is expected to reach INR 6,707.46 by FY 2024, expanding at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of ~3.16% during the FY 2020-FY 2024 period.’

‘India’s Number of Hotels data was reported at 1,961.000 Unit in 2018. This records an increase from the previous number of 1,784.000 Unit for 2017. India’s Number of Hotels data is updated yearly, averaging 1,335.500 Unit from Dec 1990 to 2018,’

Another report says, ‘the hotel industry in India, partially organized and majorly unorganized caters to ~1.8 Billion domestic travelers and 9-9.5 Million foreign travelers. About 55% of organized hotels in India belong to 3-star or higher categories. Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh account for more than 35% of all domestic tourist visits in India.

Air traffic reform in India, initiated in 2005 with the rise of low cost carriers had a major role in driving the hotel industry growth in India. As a result the tourism industry in India has been growing and has vast potential for generating employment and earning foreign exchange.”

Pie Rooms is a concept that would increase the income of the segment by filling the occupancy on hourly basis. This would find acclaim from people of all walks of life, across the nation.

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