CBES 2019, Unlocking Global Potential of India’s StartUp Ecosystem

Cross Border Entrepreneurship Summit 2019

09 May 2019, Hyderabad & New Delhi, CBES 2019:

  • CBES 2019 Hyderabad 08 June
  • CBES 2019 Delhi 15 June
  • Celebrations of Indian Business Globally
  • Global opportunities
  • International Market Scenario

Growth Stage entrepreneurs scaling up to reach global potentials need an hand-holding guidance about the prevailing scenarios on the global fronts. This linear advantage creates a level playing grounds to scale heights that would have been impossible otherwise.

Cross Border Entrepreneurship Summit is the annual flagship summit of IndiaGlocal. It is a celebration of globalization of India’s start up ecosystem that brings together every stakeholder and enabler on a single platform to talk about opportunities, challenges and engage to grow further.’

IndiaGlocal, an initiative led by Innovitas – London to promote Indian business globally, is organizing Cross Border Entrepreneurship Summit 2019 in Hyderabad and Delhi on 8th & 15th June respectively.

The summit is designed for MSMEs and StartUps from India who wish to grow their business into international markets and also, to tap in to the global resources and technology. The summit will be a daylong event hosting a range of talks and panel discussions on topics including business ecosystem, product development, international regulations and financing.

CBES 2019 is a thought leadership summit for promotion of international start up and entrepreneurship ecosystem in India.

CBES 2019 is facilitated by the collaborative effort of Innovitas, Futurefirst and Way2World who have immense expertise on Indian and Global markets.

The summit brings together the ecosystem stakeholders – entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, enablers, business and policy makers in a full day event to deliver thought leadership through round tables, seminars, talks and workshops to encourage and enable cross border collaboration and expansion for entrepreneurs.

CBES 2019 is an ideal event and one of its kinds in India, to explore and celebrate avenues of international collaboration for development of effective ecosystem enabling entrepreneurs go global. Enormous potentials to learn collaborate and expand.

Eminent speakers from across the domains would discuss at lengths on imminent issues like Shifting the Center – Building a Global Ecosystem in India, Government’s Role in Shared StartUp Ecosystem, Building Locally for a Global Consumer Market, Innovation as an Asset in a Technology Driven Borderless World, Privacy & Security in a Data Driven Economy and Financial Prudence in a Post Currency Global Economy.

Entrepreneurship is in the age of high technology penetration making bottom of pyramid markets more relevant than even before. The shifting focus on bottom billion brings India and other developing markets at the epicenter of the future of entrepreneurship and thus India should be having more central role in context of Global Entrepreneurship, CBES 2019 paves way for bright beginning on these lines.

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